Apple Vs Android: Which Is The Smarter Choice?

Do these smartphones call the shots or phone it in?
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21 Replies to “Apple Vs Android: Which Is The Smarter Choice?”

  1. Gary Shi

    The problem with Apple is they DICTATE how you use your device: Yes there are 3rd-party apps like Google Maps, Google Photos but they have to be 2nd-class citizen that hide behind Apple's own mediocre clones. I would be okay if they are really serious about their own stuff but Siri is really a joke and all they did for it was marketing, and yet Apple users are stick to it. They simply abuse their dominating position and don't even feel bad about it. On Android, you can switch to whatever apps you love as the default. Another example is NFC: the hardware was available for years that can only be used by their own apps in very limited ways. Looks what users can do with NFC on their phones!

    And Apple is not serious about privacy. They hand over all their Chinese user data, all of them, completely to a 3rd-party company controlled by gov.


    the fact that all super techy phone users prefer android proves android is superior, periodt ???? apple might be more convenient etc., but the raw potential of android phones superceeds that of apple

  3. cass andra

    iPhones are elitist bullshit and Greg's argument definitely supported that but tbh, Greg seems very privileged and elitist so of course thats all he liked about the iPhone lol

  4. Hello

    Android vs iOS or iOS vs Android*
    46:00 pc computers :thinking:
    while we are at it since many people on youtube say this kinda stuff
    lcd display, mosfet transistor
    thats like saying mfw when

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