Apple Vs Android | Why Apple Speeder Than Android – Sinhala

as we all know , apple devices are much faster than the other devices . specially android devices . what are the reasons for this ? why apple become much more faster than android ? lets compare apple ios and android os . end of this video , you may note the difference between these 2 . lets discuss further in comment section . also make sure to share this video with your friends . also SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel to get latest video updates as fast as we launched . thanks for watching . stay tuned .

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43 Replies to “Apple Vs Android | Why Apple Speeder Than Android – Sinhala”

  1. Sanka Akesh

    ayyo apple ganne show karayo thamai, aththenma kivvoth vadima milata aduma feature denne apple vitharamai!! anith eke Android phone model kochchara thiyenevadha samsung,sony,htc,lg etc me hama ekenma hodama phone laughe karaneva reasonable price eketa anne ekai venesa Android veleta jaya weva!!!!

  2. Cool maxx

    සහෝ HUAWEI පෝන් ගැන VIDEO එකක් කරන්න බැයිද HUAWEI කියන පෝන් හොදයිද HUAWEI පෝන් එකෙ තියන ගැටලු මොනව කියන දේවල් ගැන කතා කරන VIDEO එකක් කරන්න පුලුවන්නම් හොදයි ..

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