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  1. Stanila Stefan

    I think that apple philosophy is to make a polished user interface, that is the main selling point, then cram inside hardware that is sufficient to run their software. All this for the maximum profit per device, not for user experience not for cheap service parts.
    They created a cult based on the people need to own something expensive and cool is like a piece of jewelry. I think like 80% of top line phone owners use only camera , facebook app and phone. They never install a app or even used the browser !!!!! I've seen this.

  2. PhotoTech

    The thing is, they charge more maney than Samsung… This would not be a problem if apple phones were cheaper. And they are so expensive cus people keeps buying them…

  3. Mayur Panghaal

    Something that happened to me recently : The replacement screen (aftermarket) screwed my phone up. It melted the capacitors next to the graphics chip and shorted them.

  4. Helping Hands

    Your father says you NEED a Ford car because it's cheap to replace a broken window.
    You WANT a Ferrari/Lambo car but it more expensive when the window breaks.

    Which do you choose?
    People who WANT more drive technologies forward … sometime bad but mostly good.

    I don't want to be dictated by from a company what I NEED.

    Do you believe that third party repair shops should be able to replace finger print scanner or screen without BRICKING the phone?

  5. Greg M

    When one controls the hardware and software aspects of the device you can charge more for the device and control the end user experience more. That also allows you to control the pricing of the hardware and in turn place restrictions on what other hardware connects to the devices. This control also allows you to better test the end user experience between the software and the hardware.

    This in turn allows you to push the pricing envelope up higher and higher with each release to see how much your customers will bear before they rebel. Is any smart phone worth $1400? I certainly do not think so. The problem is that most people pay for their phones monthly and do not take the time and effort to sit down and calculate the total price of the phone that they are paying each month.

    You also can control the o/s upgrade experience. This in turns allows you to restrict/prevent the ability to downgrade the o/s on the devices should the o/s turn your older hardware into a pig resource wise. These restrictions in turn provide a revenue stream from people who have invested all their $ in applications that they purchase newer hardware to run these apps on the devices. Its a never ending battle.

    Apple sometimes drag their feet admitting that in fact some of their hardware does in fact have engineering design flaws. So much so that sometimes they announce a recall program years after a device has debut and people got fed up with the flaw and either bought another model or switch to another brand entirely and sold off the buggy product before the recall is announced.

  6. Doutor-PC com

    I love your videos and I've learned a lot from you! At the beginning I thought this video was not interesting, but you said a lot of things that I had never thought of it, and you're right! A BIG LIKE and continue the great job!

  7. gl777

    Apple "need" you to buy their phone every year, Apple do not "want" you to able to repair your phone when it spoiled.
    Apple "need" to slow down your old phone to push you to buy their new phone, Apple do not "want" a old customer with an old phone that can be optimised.

  8. Ralph Eckstein

    I see it totally opposite:
    iOs and macOS are superior by far – Android (especially the Bloatware and Spyware on Samsungs) and of course Windows are disgusting OSs.
    Apple Hardware is only special for one reason: you pay more (even to get less sometimes).
    And they "invented" the most stupid material of all: Aluminium.
    You pay more not for "better hardware" – you pay more for a complete and functioning system.
    Microsoft never has been and never will be able to come even close.
    And Android won't be able, too.

  9. narzan q

    I hate Apple and hate Samsung, I have Samsung mobile j7 pro just because it's cheap, but I enjoy reparing Apple products, it's like an art inside especially their laptop, amazing engineering inside..

  10. Dave Hammerton

    Nice Vid Sorin as always. I am making money With Apple. I buy them with broken screens or need new batteries cheaply. But i am a apple hater. Have just switched to Iphone 6s just so i know how they work. I have my reasons tho. Planned obsolescence being one of them. There underhand tactics, with things like error 53. And now you cannot replace a screen on an Iphone 8 even if original now. You have to go to apple and they maybe 1000 miles away in some countries. Maybe they changed this now. And if you take you Iphone to apple and it might just need a tristar replacement with your wedding photo's or the birth of your child. They will say they cannot fix it, your data is gone and they only offer you refurbished second hand phone at a cost. They are fighting the right to repair and to me, just being greedy. Would love to hear other peoples take on this. Don't throw away your broken samsung. You can get good money for the screens from companies that refurb them. I do.

  11. zx8401ztv

    I don't have a smart phone and never needed one, just a simple calls and text phone does me.
    Everything is being made 'Smart' for the sake of being smart, seems like a waste to time and money to me.
    Just my opinion.

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