Apple vs Samsung

Ever since the introduction of the Galaxy S series in 2010, Apple and Samsung have vied for smartphone supremacy. Find out all about that history – and how it has played across the markets in our new series.

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48 Replies to “Apple vs Samsung”

  1. Typical Bee

    Some people just buy apple so that they can get noticed that their rich, come to my countryand its dubai and look at the locals, almost all have the xs max a

  2. Omar Gallegos

    All I'm going to say, is Samsung has been innovating the the industry for years, while as apple has brought nothing new to its devices, so essentially, apple has been selling the same phone with a different body being the only difference. whereas Samsung has given us the s series, the edge phone, the note and the fold. your move apple.a bigger screen perhaps?


    Apple downloads Only 8 apps when setup And Samsung downloads more than 8 so it leaves Samsung with Less GB So Sorry Samsung Fans But I Think Apple is Better.

  4. Rusty The Wolf

    Teens: I'm amazing!! And rich! I'm going to buy an i-phone x!

    Adults: I'm going to get a android because its just.. Better..

    Teens: what?? Why? There's no way its better than my new I pho- shatter

    Adult: drops Samsung phone didn't break, see ya!!

    Teens: apple for life

    Random dude: lol your phone broke like u

    Samsung for the win! Also written on Samsung s6!!

  5. Patar D

    Why does everyone keep saying in the comments that Apple has Samsung's OLED display?!? That's post hoc eco propter hoc fallacy. OLED display BELONGS TO SONY!!! NOT SAMSUNG!!! Apple ACTUALLY had the idea of using it first in their iphone 6, but it was "too expensive" Samsung used it first, because SAMSUNG had the budjet for it. They make so much more than just smartphones! One other thing: please don't think that I'm an Apple fan by posting this.

  6. DatOneYoutuber

    Apple NEEDS Samsung here’s how
    1. Samsung is responsible for making Apple’s components.
    2. Apple wouldn’t have OLED without Samsung
    3. Apple wouldn’t have the bendable iPad Pro if it weren’t for the foldable Samsung Smartphone

  7. Ikeda Kazuto

    I won’t say which is better but apple started the smartphone Samsung copies it 3 yrs later apple started the dual camera with iPhone 7+ Samsung copied with the note 8 iPhone did the glass back in the iPhone 4 Samsung copied with the s6 apple did always on display with very old iPods Samsung copies with latest phones. Apple did Touch ID first Samsung again copies apple and finally apple made Animoji Samsung copies it with the S9 so apple is retro and Samsung is basically a copycat

  8. xov leader

    my Samsung A8 I can use PC Photoshop, call record for legal issue, team viewer to control my pc at home and office and transport file any where and revive from any where and any type format even, 3d max, UDK,AutoCAD and open many folder and oh now also have the right click function

  9. ozmanice 75

    Lol, you can't cover Samsung in a video. They are 80 individual companies. They make cars, tanks, jet engines, hospitals, Samsung city, oil industry, infrastructure, you can't cover it. Only 3 of the industries are named Samsung. Do you know how much it's invested in the smartphone development plan for 2019? Nothing, they make more money from electronics parts manufacturing. Nobody can trace their value because they playing the money through their other independent companies. Samsung name it's the top of the iceberg. It's about 10 percent from the conglomerate, 3 groups out 80 independent companies. Don't study Samsung, you will go crazy.

  10. Overdrive UK

    The funny thing is that there are more recorded cases of the iPhone 8 batteries exploding than Note 7s exploding. The difference is that Samsung announced it and offered to recall all the batteries, whereas apple tried to hide it and cover it up instead.

  11. Nakx95

    This is the kind of ad I want to watch not that wish bullshit. Thank you I've watch the full length and came to your channel. Shitty ads, take notes…

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