Apple Watch 4 – FULL REVIEW (after 3 months of use)

Apple Watch Series 4 – In-Depth ZONEofTECH Review!
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26 Replies to “Apple Watch 4 – FULL REVIEW (after 3 months of use)”

  1. Jonttuliini

    I disagree with apple watch series 3 comments. I am using apple watch series 3 nike edition and have to say i cant find any lag whatsoever. I mainly use it for sportstracking and for that it works just like an iphone!

  2. Johnzombi

    Wow I can see I got pretty lucky because the series 4 is the first smart watch I’ve ever had and it’s so much better than the last???

  3. pers ara

    Best cheap alternative for apple watch series4 is Mi band 2. bear in mind that it can only show time and set alarms to wake you up by vibrating…. Yes it can track your run/heartbeat but its not near as accurate as apple watch is…

  4. Rich

    Great review. But amazed that anyone would spend so much for a watch and continue to upgrade when by your own review it was not a decent smart watch until now?? Since you were basically only checking time why not just spend $39.95 on a watch?

  5. Yolanda Jones

    Series 4 44MM and iPhone XS Max ????❤️? worth the money if u wanted faster speed ect….?? I like the fact you can leave the phone at home or on ur desk and ur bag ect… And still get your stuff to come to your phone if it’s compatible with the watch

  6. Michael Gill

    Just got one. Today was my first full day. Yeah cellular kills the battery. Made it through the work day barely. So a bit of a learning curve. But it’s a great piece of tech. Now HomePods to be all in Apple's ecosystem.

  7. Garv Jindal

    Just wanted to know. How convenient is it to use an apple watch with Android phone. I am not really a fan of IOS but having checked out the video, I am itching for a change in my wrist. I am not sure if someone already inquired about that. I would appreciate if you could help.

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