Apple Watch 4 Review: Two weeks later!

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I’ve now been wearing and using Apple Watch Series 4 for about 2 weeks, since just after the September 12 event at the Steve Jobs theater. I did my initial, deep dive review after a week of fairly frenzied testing. I’m revisiting it now after a second week of somewhat more typical usage — travel, transactions, tracking workouts and tasks, keeping up to speed with my life and staying connected.

Let’s take a second look!



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  1. James Miller

    Found a way to purchase the AW4 and find a lot of its features useful, especially the sleeping apps. ECG was a good thing too. Found a few good apps and probably dropped $50 into them over the past few weeks.

    What I do not like is the some iPhone apps are not on the watch. While I can understand where there is no compass app, do miss it as lots of Casio watches that I wore did have compass abilities. Compass helps when you're constantly driving in unfamiliar territory and the mapping goes awry. Both happen a lot. Still, the phone has a compass.

    There is no way to see one's Notes on the phone, or append/edit them from the watch. There are times when the phone is not easily accessible or when one's job frowns down on you when pulling out the phone unless it is to scan something for a customer. So the watch has become an extension of the phone.
    While there are Notre apps that one can add to shopping lists, I already have Reminder+ which has adapted to the watch. Yet I also merchandise in stores and would to read, edit, and create new notes without having to pull out the phone all the time. Or when driving from one client to the next, I could add arrival and departure times to notes, amount cases of product put on shelves, etc. Would be so much easier if the default Notes had an extension on the watch. So far there is none, and I am not subscribing to an app that takes notes.

    And would say that the Music app on the watch lacks certain options to Shuffle, and the type of repeats it should have. As such run the Music app from the iPhone which I tell to Shuffle, Some playlists are longer, and some are shorter.
    The shorter playlists will stop at the end from the watch, and I would prefer a Shuffle Endlessly option. I use an Atari Life Speakerhat when working, as it has speakers below the bill of the cap. Can listen to music, map directions, and phone calls from the speakerhat. Nothing plugged into my ears to block or distract me! And can listen to music while driving, in stereo. The Atari Life Speakerhat's batteries last me a good 10 hours too.

    Oh, and on the Notes thing, there is no way to access the iCloud from the watch either. Was thinking of a workaround to view files on the iCloud and the Notes I was wanting to access get uploaded there. Siri could not find the cloud. :

  2. Correct Opinion

    Thanks for the really informative video. Only critique I have is that you could practice more when it comes to reading from a script as you can easily tell by the tone of your voice. Other than that, great job.

  3. Daren Whyte

    Fall detection worked for me. I fell from the cab of my semi truck. I was not hurt but I was alone on the shoulder of I-94 in Michigan after two tires blew out. It sent a text to my daughter in Ohio. It also sent her updates on my location the next few hours. That would have been helpful had I been unconscious and taken to a hospital. Glad to finally get the ECG APP running today.

  4. Alpha Visari

    Battery life still sucks. I expect at least a week of battery life, wish for a month, but a week is my minimum requirement. Right now a smart clock that can’t even last longer than my iPhone, that’s stupid

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