Apple Watch Series 3 LTE vs Samsung Gear S3

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42 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 3 LTE vs Samsung Gear S3”

  1. Jeff Springer

    Considering many have commented on this…for the bands options I am talking about OUT OF THE BOX OEM bands. I can buy an Apple Watch with nearly any band I want directly from Apple. Yes you can use any 3rd party 22mm band for Gear S3, for an extra cost after you buy the watch, I am fully aware.

  2. Bryce Clausen

    Question for anyone who wants to answer…

    I have the S3 Frontier, paired with my IPhone 8 Plus. I love the look of the frontier, the functionality, it’s overall a pretty badass smart watch. Not too mention, it’s very durable which is a huge plus because I spend a good amount of time outdoors. I have found one flaw that I haven’t been able to really solve… the battery life. Most of the time the battery will last 2 days without needing a recharge. However, I have had several cases where I will go to bed with the watch on 80% and wake up to it completely dead. All of my settings are pretty basic and I usually put it on do not disturb when I go to bed. Wifi and location are both turned off. The first s3 frontier I had started doing this after a year and a half of use. I replaced it with a new s3 frontier (thank god for replacement plans) and the now 2 week old watch is having the same issue.

    My guess is it’s probably user error and not the watch. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Youngster joey

    Upgraded to a Xs Max and I’m using my Gear S3 with it. It can be paired together but sometimes it’s a pain to connect. I’m looking at the Series 3 now as a cheaper option than the Series 4.

  4. Serafin Stauch

    So close to 7 min you lost my like because although it's TRUE that u can't download many stuff right away there is a gear store as an app as you should now by having ot.

  5. Shanel Moraes

    People do know that you can change the watch face, right? And what’s with the comments about it not being manly? You buy whatever you buy and own it when you have it on you. I don’t care what watch you wear, you’re not defined by it.

  6. Chaddington Finnland

    Well if you are Android you only have 1 choice (not counting other smart watches, like ones from Microsoft). Apple phones can have either watch but Android can only have the Samsung watch.

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