Apple Watch Series 3 vs Series 4 after 2 months: I was wrong

I was convinced that it was well worth the $400 starting price.. but things have changed..
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When the Apple Watch Series 4 was announced, I was drooling over all of its new features, but two months later, I’ve found that I’m not really using much of them. I’ve realized that the Apple Watch Series 3 can do almost everything the Series 4 can do, basically just as well, and at a much lower price. So who should buy the Series 4? Watch the video!

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33 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 3 vs Series 4 after 2 months: I was wrong”

  1. KTBL909 ThBrightLord

    I will admit s4 gold looks better then any watch i have seen in past 2 years and, I have seen watch for 250€k in bulgari store and Apple watch looks nice and much more pleasing to the eyes. I normally hate apple for there crazy price and retarded os but this product is extremely good looking only thing I hate about it, is it's iOS only otherwise I would have paid for it directly no question asked, Really well made.. Fits perfectly looks insane… Fun fact apple sells more watches then everyone else probably cause they look so good.. Although I don't find the other models to be as good as the gold and the silver one, with magnetic band ?

  2. Tek Heads

    Got a Series 3 GPS , 9/10 condition used for $125. You just need to stop and think, what are you REALLY going to use it for, then shop. If you can afford the latest and greatest, go for it. Me, I like finding deals, and for $125 I could not pass this up.

  3. bazzacake12345

    Just purchased the 4th, due to my original breaking. May not be a big difference between the 3&4 like u said. But it’s a huggggge difference from my original to 4th. Loving all the features that I didn’t have in my original haha

  4. Seamus

    I had to return my Apple Watch because the battery was so dang weak. Wasn’t worth the hassle on the day to day but it is a seriously sweet device it’s just not what I need.

  5. Nigel Burrell

    Ironically, my wife always laughed at me when I told her how my Apple Watch reminds me to stand up, breath and exercise each day. She reasoned that it was a gimmick, and I was just "a boy with a new toy". After eventually getting an Apple Watch for herself (advice given by her fitness trainer), she now walks around the house talking to Siri, responding to messages, consistently checks her heart rate, and records all her fitness workouts… all on her new Apple Watch! She loves it! Now who's talking?

  6. Will Grayson

    I bought a Series 4 Stainless Steel and that might have been a little excessive for a High School student, but I gotta say I’d rather be safe with the PVD and Sapphire Crystal display

  7. CHAVA 951

    I got the series 4 just because I’m like you I’m not gonna buy the new iPhone Nd not get the new watch but then again I’ve been blessed with a good job Nd there very strict with cellphone use xs max and series 4 watch is perfect combo ….With that being said I recently bought my wife a series 3 from Best Buy on sale for 199.00 214.00 out the door

  8. Alejandro Rojas

    I completely disagree with this video. That extra screen size is certainly a big advantage, and especially when you are trying to dial a number and also, if you are running or doing any activities outside. That extra speed and screen size comes in handy, especially, if your screen freezes up, or your struggling to click into your next song or app that you might have to use at the time, and it can start working at a much faster rate. Also having that extra screen size comes in handy when you are out in the sun for a run and you need to see a message or even if you choose to change the playlist as well, that screen size helps out a lot when it comes to seeing what you're trying to do next. The reason why I like this watch, it's a great way for you not to pull your phone at all, and simply keeping in it in your pocket. At my job I can't have my phone out (People have been terminated because of it), but this watch has come in super handy, because I can text, call and check my emails and messages without ever having to pull my phone and to the point that if I'm driving, thanks to the louder speaker, I can simply take phone calls without ever having the need to look for my phone. Hell, lately I've been catching myself answering more calls through my watch, and surprisingly enough the microphone works pretty good because so far, no one has had any complaints. Too bad I can't say the same about my Iphone. The battery life lasts a lot longer (especially when you turn off the cellular services). But overall, I think it's worth the upgrade or simply buying for the 1st time. Apple literally nailed it and they finally got everything right on this version.

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