Apple Watch Series 4 – 10 TIPS & TRICKS!

The Apple Watch Series 4 is an amazing device, but to truly appreciate how to use it, you need to know these helpful tips and tricks for your powerful Apple Watch. Including tips on how to access and edit control center, reorganize your dock, get better heat rate monitor, disable audio, quickly mute your watch, and more!

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34 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 4 – 10 TIPS & TRICKS!”

  1. eggie

    Does anyone know how to change the city of world clock? I added some cities in my iPhone world clock. I can scroll on Apple Watch but couldn’t figure out how it appears on watch face

  2. James G

    #5 – in your settings wake screen on crown up has to be turned on for this to work. And it is very useful when you have your wake screen on wrist raise turned off while in bed or like buddy said, in a theatre.

  3. Sammy

    Put it close to your watch and let us see, not so far away from your arms ?
    You talk more than you demonstrating in show us.
    Yap like daffy duck ? lol

  4. Trish Mariee

    Great video and awesome tips. The only thing I’m struggling with and the only tiny problem I have is that Mickey won’t talk ? My 4 year old is annoyed lol. Tried everything online and nothing lol.

  5. Miki Ash

    Thanks for the tip, the audio take over was annoying, thanks. I like your Apple Watch Face. I cant find that in the face Galery…where did you get that?

  6. Gareth Roe

    Good vid. Recently got a series 4 and one thing annoying me is that I can’t create a shortcut to turn on/off the wake screen on wrist raise option. I need to go to apps, general, walk screen… surely there is a quicker way? Why can the control centre be modified?

    Also, anyone know why the ECG doesn’t work in the UK or how to activate it or make the app work?

  7. Shayne Troxler

    I can never find actual trips and tricks. This video, like most others are just common usage points that most people already know. List view? Who has run anything but list view since 4 Apple watches ago. Should have named the video common changes new Apple Watch owners need to know.

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