Apple Watch Series 4… 4 Months Later

The Apple Watch Series 4 is one of my favorite devices (Apple or otherwise). I’ll tell you how I use it throughout the day in this video and tell you one major feature I’ve changed my mind about since the first review!

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33 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 4… 4 Months Later”

  1. Jhe R

    I cannot update my series 4 without putting it on it’s charging dock. Is there a way to update it without the charging dock???

  2. TodayWithKay

    Great video! I'm still finding new features on the watch I love everyday! Just an FYI you can rearrange/ customize complications on the info modular face in your apple watch app on your phone!

  3. Alan Xu

    since EKG is a rip for none US ppl, i almost lose half of its function.
    and double press to paypass is what i use the most of the watch.
    switch song when driving is super good.(with any car coz i do drive a lot different car)
    and lastly read msg.

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