Apple Watch Series 4 fitness review: We tested Apple's fitness claims

How well does the newest Apple Watch hold up as a fitness tracker, and are the new features worth the splurge?

Read the Apple Watch Series 4 review in progress –

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28 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 4 fitness review: We tested Apple's fitness claims”

  1. Ferry Gunadi

    How about the battery wear? Was the Series 3 brand new? Because after a year of usage, battery life can be degraded a bit, so it could affect the result.

  2. Tomáš Puškáš

    MO Nike Run Club is great app too. I like design, especially I like coaches, like audio coach. And the best part is training program with goals, it is interactive, every single day you know what to do, and also you are able to see your progress.
    Strava has nothing from that. AW app can't notify you about segments, training plan is just sending you emails. And there is no checking your progress, no checking how did you run… Every run seems like free run / with no goals.

    iSmoothRun is amazing. You can costum every single workout, you can set every parameter of fartlek or interval running …
    And you can export that data 🙂

  3. David Ryder

    56% at 3hrs I mean that is just bad. I would want at least 3-day/2-day battery at full use, why can they not just make a good battery. Nothing mentioned about the accuracy though????

  4. Bflo23

    sheesh… I was just considering to get the Series 3 because it is on sale for $200-229 range now but I value battery life and I would be disappointed in series 3's battery life. Now I think I will wait for the Series 4 to go on sale next year.


    So… people who bought the Apple Watch below 4 series what’s the point lol… can’t even go for 6 hours just take your damm phone lol

    Not a mention about heart rate accuracy wtf

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