Apple Watch Series 4 LTE vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

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Series 3 LTE vs Gear S3:
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21 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 4 LTE vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active”

  1. trz maier

    omg show us the bloody apps. so much talking just holding the watches in front of you without any demo. may as well read a review article

  2. Armour

    Not really a fan of how either of them look tbh. I love the regular Galaxy watch's design, although I think the active is very reasonably priced IF you have a promo code from the Samsung s10.

  3. FusionXDisco

    Can you downliad games on the samsung galaxy watch active? Also if the watch is connected to your phone and your phone is connected to data, can you use the data?

  4. Sofa LUK

    Кто русский? Пролайкай чтобы англичане подумали, что здесь что умное, интересное???

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