Apple Watch Series 4 LTE Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE

So what do you guys think. Is the new Apple Watch or Samsungs Galaxy watch your new Favorite smartwatch?

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31 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 4 LTE Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE”

  1. RubeeRoja

    I wish Samsung would adapt a smaller display, similar to Apple's size. I haven't yet owned a smart watch, but I've hesitated to dive in for the sake of 1) deciding if it's practical since my phone will be in my pocket anyhow and 2) I have slender wrists and the Android watches just seem massive to me. I suppose you need it to be large enough for on screen operations, but it seems uncomfortable. I like Apple's style better in this regard, but don't intend to switch phone camps. Battery life and functionality on the Samsung are great selling points!

  2. Hatem Ali For Objection

    Useless video as fuck first you didn’t show the LTE OPTION what extra ? Number 2 why u didn’t open music coz in Samsung watch you can hear sound on watch and in apple u can’t only throw phone . Learn how to show and talk

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