Apple Watch Series 4: Most Useful Piece of Tech in My Life!

The Apple Watch Series 4 practical review! It has proved to be the most useful piece of tech that I have! Watch OS5 & the little hardware improvements made all the difference from last year to catch my interest to keep using it. Would make an AWESOME Christmas present!

More about the heart rate sensor:

33 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 4: Most Useful Piece of Tech in My Life!”

  1. Derick Burk

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  2. Richard Barnes

    Hey Erica. I've been hypothyroid for 10 years now. However, being in the UK, we just get Levothroxin. Glancing at your Watch alarms, it looks like you take various things. Did you see an endocrinologist? I'm thinking there must be more to help my energy levels than just taking the Levothyroxin. I also use the pulse monitor out of interest for my thyroid med's and what they may/may not be doing.

  3. Ewolf5150

    The activity thing is the worst most annoying part of the watch. Turn it off immediately if you don’t want to be bothered. Same with that stupid breathe app

  4. A Friendly Hamster

    I have the series 3, and I totally recommend if pi don’t wanna spend a extra $100. There isn’t many differences between the series 3 and the 4 besides the bigger size and ECG but it really isn’t that big of a difference.

  5. James Mitchell

    I have several comments and questions on your detailed video:

    1/ you fail to address the lap counting abilities of the 4 in a pool.

    2/ is the fall detection and communication function operative if you do not own an I-phone?

    3/ using Apple Pay instead of a credit card eliminates your ability to earn dollars or points on reward cards.

    4/ I understand that Costco will now offer a Square Trade protection at a price significantly less costly than the Apple plan.

    5/ there has been recent news of battery and charging problems with the watch.

    Your comments please.

    Thank you.

  6. athletejmv

    Apple has a huge win on this newest design… they'll probably not change it much for a while. The 44mm Apple Watch face, I don't have small wrists, but I'm not a male fashion diva either 😛 I prefer the 40mm watch as an athlete.

  7. Jachin Rivers

    This was the best review I've seen yet. I'm on day 2 with my 40mm series 4, and I was constantly pausing your video to look over things on the Watch you mentioned. Thanks.

  8. Pheonia Allen

    Apple needs to do a new upgrade for FaceTime smh it needs to do more my latest Apple Watch can still do that Apple always comes out with something different it needs upgrade to do FaceTime & put some games on the watch

  9. T C

    Great review. I got a Nike+ 44 with noticeable light/display inconsistencies. Took it back. Had previous AW4 with no issues. Currently using Garmin until I can get more days out of AW4.. but an amazing device.

  10. ccyn042

    Love this review! I've watched probably 10 reviews of Apple watches, and this is the first one that's really spoken to my priorities. I am an active young woman who also has some health considerations to keep an eye on, and this review hit on all of that. It's amazing to see all of the men's reviews where they say they don't use/understand the value of the cellular function. As a woman who goes running alone every day, often on trails, I know for a fact that if I get an Apple Watch I will get the cellular version. Thank you for a review that takes into account things like the fact that dresses usually don't have pockets, and safety is a concern when we go running alone.

  11. Beth Grace

    Such an informative video thank you! I've been thinking about purchasing for a while and after watching this i've just ordered the 40mm in rose gold and pink sand sports band. Can't wait!!

  12. Leo Wong

    I have fallen three times since buying the Apple Watch Series 4 and each time I answered "I am OK". Great feature for senior citizens.

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