Apple Watch Series 4 Review: It's About Time!

Apple Watch Series 4 is easily the biggest upgrade yet.

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Watch provided by Apple for review.

42 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 4 Review: It's About Time!”

  1. Sakib Shahriar

    I feel like no smart watches comes near to apple watch , not even galaxy watch . That ECO system and design really blows other smart watches away . But unfortunately , I don't have the money to buy iPhone X . And a phone without Samsung OLED is a straight no for me . Although it's personal preference .

  2. Coach Le Blanc

    Never cone back to Apple watch until they make it compatible with Android . Now OnePlus user , Apple forcing you into their ecosystem , and costing ridiculous prices. They have lost the plot.

  3. Eddie

    so, I've never owned an Apple Watch (or any smart watch). I was originally thinking of getting the series 3, but would it perhaps be worth the extra money to get the series 4? i very much like the look of the bigger display and the better processor would last longer (you know what i mean), but is it worth it? (only GPS, not cellular)

  4. bonosbones

    07:15 to be honest I don't want to spoil your drift but I don't think builders will be wearing an apple watch on a building site. Building sites are dusty, reasonably rough far removed from dandy fashion shows. If they would have a Makita version maybe. Thanks for the video anyway.

  5. Kevin Campbell

    My series 3 is more of a time piece than an extension of my phone. However I will say that I love it so I’m not gonna upgrade. Nor will I upgrade to the new air pods 2.

  6. Maurice A.

    I broke my Apple Watch ⌚️ series 2 when I fell off my bike and rolled a few times in the middle of the street. Apple charges $229 to get it fixed since it’s out of warranty. Is the upgrade to the series 4 worth it? ?

  7. john T

    Nice review. Where did you get the White with White holes Nike Watch Band ? Please post a link or a comment where ? Nice Band

  8. Rustam Zeynalov

    Thanks for the great video! Sleep analysis is available in Apple Health app though, so I don’t think anyone with Apple Watch would miss out on that feature. 🙂

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