Apple Watch Series 4 – REVIEW




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Apple Watch Series 4 44mm review

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34 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 4 – REVIEW”

  1. JimsReviewRoom

    A bit more information on fall detection: If you are not 65 or older and want to use Fall Detection, you will need to enable it in the Emergency SOS section of the Apple Watch app which I shown in the video. I did test on multiple occasions with varying degrees of falls, and then opting to simply slam the wrist on my table several times. The Alert should come on immediately and if I stay still, then the watch would alert emergency services, etc. I did stay still on tests for as long as two minutes with no results. Like I said, it's not the most accurate test and some YouTubers were successful while some others weren't. As a side note, I'm on commercial grade carpet at the studio (Which is VERY thin carpet) and under that is concrete. (Not soft at all to cushion my fall, the momentum/g-force should be quite high regardless) But that's why I slammed my wrist on the table as a last alternative. Hope that clarifies some things for you! Aside from that…no, my nose is NOT red from attempting to activate fall detection. =) Much love everything and thank you for your support!!! #teamJRR

  2. Gacha_ Lilly

    I got it for my birthday I used to have series one since it came out (I think I was 10 at the time) now I got one for my 14th bday and especially the screen is so different ?

  3. Xaykhoun

    I stumbled upon your review Jim! Freaking awesome review. I’ve already purchased an Apple 4 and love it. Going to buy that metal band from manoware. Thanks man!

  4. Rich Cowan

    The apple watch 4 is the only thing apple has done right recently. Well mostly right. Everyone else allows cross platform use except apple which is a shame. My phone is android but I'd really like the apple watch 4 as it's by far the best smart watch out there. I don't understand why they don't make it available to android users? Surely that would help sell more units?

  5. silenthoote

    I have a question, can you use Bluetooth earphones to make a phone call on the series 4 iwatch, I have the series 3 and it can’t or I haven’t figured it out. I personally hate phone calls on speaker weather it’s on the phone or watch, I don’t need others listening in on my call

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