Apple Watch Series 4 Successful Glass Repair (40mm)

Apple Watch Series 4 40mm Successful Glass Repair. How to replace the glass on the Apple Watch Series 4 display. A step by step video showing how I remove the glass clean the display and adhere new glass. This brings the watch back to its glory.

Not a repair for everyone. Should have previous experience if you want to attempt this repair.

Mail In Service

Tools Used in Repair
Vacuum Heat Plate
Cutting wire
UV light
LOCA + Glue gun
Extra light for Microscope
Clean Room Wipes
Cleaner Dispenser
99% Isopropyl Alcohol

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20 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 4 Successful Glass Repair (40mm)”

  1. Thorbjørn L

    Hey , I did watch JerryRigEverything video about the repair but dont find any info about where to find or get the same type of water resistant flexible adhesive can you tell me the brand ?

  2. Lucas

    Bel lavoro. Grande! Vorrei chiederti, dove posso trovare un vetro di ricambio per la serie 4 44mm? Il mio e' scheggiato. Non riesco a trovarlo

  3. Paul Zaim

    Could you please upload a video in witch the glass removal isn't speed up? It would be very helpful to see how much time and how much patience it actually takes. Thanks.

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