Apple Watch Series 4 – Three Month Review

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It’s been about 3 months since we first tested the Apple Watch Series 4. Several updates have hit the device since, including the ECG feature, but has our overall recommendation changed? Check out the video to find out!
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26 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 4 – Three Month Review”

  1. Youtube Channel

    Do you think it's worth waiting till September for the Series 5 and picking up the Series 4 at a significantly cheaper price? I want an Apple watch for fitness, music remote ability and hopefully pull out my phone less to read notifications.

  2. Nexus 6

    Jesus Christ! Could you speak any faster?? All of your words run together, you literally don't take a breath when you speak. Are you on coke? Useless vdo.

  3. wayne moran

    Love the tech upgrades from the series 2 but hate the new gold aluminum. It’s pink, not gold. Why can’t I get the stainless steal without the extra cost of cellular? Or just keep the original aluminum gold? Beside the fact that I don’t like the color I’ve got 4 bands that don’t match the pink gold.

  4. dariusdareme

    If you have lots of energy and raised heart rythm, you may have hyperthyroidism. A doctor would be best.

    Also your apple watch should notice your raised constant bpm at night.

  5. Anderson Merandis

    Wow just have mine its really fantastic product from apple ,actually forget my series 3 lock ,thank to hacker Brett who help unlock it and I could change its to series 4 muahhh

  6. Salvatore Vitale

    I ordered mine from Nike couple of days ago. As I am waiting for it, I am kinda regretting to having spent 469€ on this smart watch, since I primarily will use it as a smart watch and fitness tracker. I did know there were tons of alternative out there, but I was lured by the look of it other than its functionalities, which you can get elsewhere for less than half the price…

  7. R MCK

    I want somebody to please do an Apple Watch Series 4 video showing the watch with the internet, music, video, websites etc. etc.

  8. Leo Gerrod

    Hey I'm in college right now, and an apple watch would help SO much with studying. Anyways I desperately need something small like this for school and I dont have the money to buy one. It would literally mean so much if you could hook me up with one of those watches. Thanks!

  9. Adam Sensabaugh

    i agree about the cellular version, my phone bill claims no data has been used by my watch. the only thing good about lte is that you can just make payments on your watch without interest, but then you get that annoying 10 to 30 dollars added to your phone bill for the service.

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