Apple Watch Series 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch

Here is our smartwatch comparison between the Apple Watch Series 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch.

More info on the Apple Watch Series 4:

More info on the Samsung Galaxy Watch:

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27 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch”

  1. Gireesh Prasad

    Apple watch 44, i am getting 48+ hrs with a normal use . Apple page claims 18 hrs. But its miss leading if you are not properly reading on apple page why its only 18hrs

  2. User

    You shouldn't review Samsung Products, or wear Apple Products or upload on YouTube. I lost 5 minutes watching a backwards watch (PUN) and listen to this bias crap of how Apples are better the Oranges.

  3. Will Hammond

    I think that they are both AMAZING watches but I just bought the AW Series 4 40mm and it's great! 10/10 recommend to a friend!! It really does depend on your phone preference because Apple and Samsung's ecosystems are fairly narrow.

  4. Mark Thompson

    sorry but after 5 minutes it's clearly an apple bias no mention that you have to charge the apple every day and every four to five days on Samsung or the fact it cost half as much and this from a guy that uploads a video with the watch upside down and the strap back to front wtf

  5. Aryan Mhedin

    Do you prefer apple watch or galaxy right now??I’d like apple watch but do you expect that the price will decrease at which time of this year??thanks

  6. Dom L.

    The Galaxy Watch is so far superior and the design is much better and is the future of smart watches.
    Looking like a normal watch is way better than try hard to be something which it is not and never will be.

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