Apple Watch Series 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Real Review & User Experience

It’s that time for the Apple Watch Series 4 to go up against the Samsung Galaxy Watch head to head! Yes the smartwatch guru is here to bring the User experience of both to the forefront! Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch series 4. Let’s Talk

? Apple Watch Series 4 (GOLD SS):
? Apple Watch Series 4 (BLK SS):
? Apple Watch Series 4 (SS):
? Apple Watch Series 4 (LTE):
? Apple Watch Series 4 44mm(GPS):
? Apple Watch Series 4 40mm(GPS):
? Galaxy Watch (46mm)
? Galaxy Watch (42mm)
? Galaxy Watch (42mm Rose Gold)
? Gear S3 Frontier:
? Blk Milanese band:
? 46mm version Band search(22mm):
? 42mm version Band search(20mm):

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20 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Real Review & User Experience”

  1. Maximino Jaimes

    I tried to use Spotify on my Apple Watch once my phone died and it didn’t work, if I remember right when I had my gear s3 I remember it working without my phone, is this right?

  2. Alex B

    CJ. Enjoyed your Samsung Apple Watch comparo. Well done Sir. Based on your videos and impressions on your Apple Watch experience, I brought a Apple Watch. Love it. Your right. It’s the perfect companion to the iPhone. I too like the lighter feel of the aluminum as well.
    Keep doing your thing Man. Your tech game is on ?

  3. Ismail Alili

    While I think the Apple Watch is objectively better in terms of development than the Galaxy watch as you say yourself, I just can't deal with the iPhone and like the Galaxy phone much more. And the Apple Watch refuses to work with any other phone, so I can't get the Apple Watch.

  4. Radu Lesnic

    Had Samsung gear s3 got bored with it in 2 days. I have now apple 4 and i love it since 2 weeks. I never like it before but having it its superfun

  5. Peter Miraflor

    Samsung galaxy watch hands down! Only female will complain about the weight. Then get the 42 mm then . Samsung is Cheaper & way better UI, way better battery life & looks way way way better!

  6. Charles Tannehill

    To some people, weight is irrelevant. I'm 6"1 and 190. And I go to the gym 5 days a week. A few grams doesn't make a difference. Storage is also irrelevant. Most people stream their music. And even if you loaded all 4 gigs in mp4 format, it would last for over a week of workouts. More than enough. You've also never obviously used the Samsung fitness app, then you don't know the full scope. It is by far more developed than Apple fitness. And no shit. A Samsung watch will work better with Samsungs. An apple watch with iOS the same. Apple watch is just lacking. Plus no customization. The galaxy watch wins in every category that counts.

  7. yoututubus

    I'm sure there's a lot to like about the Apple watch, the iOS, and the Apple ecosystem overall, I get it. But if you prefer Android over Apple buying the Apple watch just doesn't make much sense to me. Oh, and despite the OS they didn't quite figure out the battery yet. One day on a single charge pretty much sucks to me. I'm not happy to charge my watch every single day. I don't even have to charge my phone every day. So no, it's quite a deal breaker for me, sorry.

  8. Tyler Roberts

    Nice video bro thanks for the reviews. People love to hate lol… even though you said both watch and phone combos were good choices. I personally have liked my iPhone 6 since I’ve had it. Just got a series 4 watch for my first smart watch and I feel like I’ve made the right choice.

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