Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Which smartwatch is best for you? We test out Apple’s latest Watch and Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch in the real world.

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26 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch”

  1. FC WHAT

    This test is far too superficial. There is absolutely nothing about the health apps that support these watches as it’s this that will determine how good the watch data is! Functionality run-down was so brief that I think you left off 75% of what these watches can actually do. You put far too much emphasis on looks I.e straps.. this should be the lowest priority because its not something that you’ll change every day or be too concerned about – it’s just a strap for God’s sake! You should talk about the accuracy of sensors, the data they collect and what the (main) phone apps can do with the data. Also the core apps and how they integrate with externally collected data etc.. calendars etc. Stop making videos for bone heads and start making them for people that have more than 3 brain cells.

  2. Benny Riley

    This comparrison seems a little mute.
    The Apple Watch only works with iPhone on the iOS system. The galaxy watch works with most android devices and iOS.
    This should make it the clear winner.
    I don't understand how CNET can make any reasonable comparrison?
    What am I missing?

  3. Chaitanya Narang

    I loved this video. But I'd like to bring to your notice that Apple watch doesn't have sleep tracking. And when you buy a galaxy watch, you don't need to buy a new watch if you switch from Android to apple. It's compatible with both. This is a very good feature of galaxy watch

  4. Infidel Gastro

    If sports and activity tracking and health stats is your main priority, steer clear of both and rather get a proper dedicated device from the likes of Garmin, Fitbit, Polat etc. Neither Samsung and Apple are terribly good at that sort of thing. If Smartwatch features, bragging rights and bling is what you crave, then it's six of one and a half dozen of the other.

  5. teyzman

    People are so sensitive.
    Yes apple watch uses a custom strap but it is much easier to change than the standard mechanism with spring bars used in the galaxy watch.

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