Apple Watch Series 5 vs Galaxy Watch Active 2

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is now here and it works with both iPhones and Android phones, and it offers most of the features of the Apple Watch Series 5 for a $100 less, but there is more nuance than that. To find out all about these watches, we compare the two in terms of design, ease of use, battery life, health and fitness tracking, and – of course – price.

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27 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 5 vs Galaxy Watch Active 2”

  1. Tysard

    -Apple Watch is by Apple.
    -Galaxy Watch does pretty much everything the Apple watch can do.
    -Apple Watch has more apps.
    -Galaxy Watch has better battery life.
    -Apple Watch gives you more choice of materials when purchasing.
    -Galaxy watch gives you more choices in bands.
    -Apple Watch switches faces faster.
    -Galaxy Watch has more faces.
    -Apple Watch works well with apple products but can only connect to an iPhone.
    -Galaxy Watch works well overall and can connect to any phone.
    -Apple watch has a nice screen.
    -Galaxy Watch was made by the people who made the Apple Watch's screen.

    So overall, Apple wins because it's the best smartwatch of all time and if you don't have an iPhone then you probably can't afford an Apple Watch anyway you peasant!
    There's only so much you'd want to do with a watch so at the end of the day, if you have an iPhone, just pick between circle or rectangle. And if you don't have an iPhone, get something other than an Apple Watch.

  2. Noor Ghani

    I personally like the circle design. The apps and stuff doesn't matter for a smartwatch too much. Both can get the job done, but I like the circle design.

  3. Nishant gaurav

    Easy to change strap..have to pay how much? yeah fucking 4000 rupees or 50$. 😆 thats why most of the emi apple watch owners never (or very few times) change straps.

  4. Taylor Maranell

    I bought an apple watch for my wife for Christmas. Apparently the Walmart employee forgot to mention you need the newest iPhone to use it. I was disappointed. I managed to get a hold of my sisters iPhone and tried setting it up. After 3 hours of updating the device did not want to connect. I ended up returning the watch and bought a galaxy smart watch. The watch worked great on my phone at the instant second I turned it on. Immediately after that it took 20 minutes to update and the watch worked. Not only that I did not need a phone to use the watch unlike the apple watch. The galaxy watch is so much better looking and easier to use.

  5. Sjay!

    Having used the Apple Watch series 5 and galaxy frontier watches can say things missed here:

    Galaxy old s3 series also charges on reverse wireless charging of new galaxy devices and also on Samsung made wireless charging pads but Apple Watch only on that stupid cable u need to carry everywhere.
    Galaxy watch has amazing watch faces which are cooler and funkier n even formal ones u can wear at night outs too but Apple Watch is like a phone on ur wrist. Excellent for workouts n office use but weird to wear for night events.

    Apple Watch is very light and compact so excellent for workout but very delicate. My series 5 got scratched in cases in few months. While my frontier was like a rock or a g shock with military grade build.

    Buy wat works on ur device both r good but Samsung has some def features not many talk about as they compare superficially using for testing purpose but not real world use.

  6. Mushhood 00

    whats the point of these watches? i cant play basketball wearing these, i cant fight in these, i cant even walk around without these getting hit on something sharp enough to leave a mark..

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