Apple's Being Deceptive About iPhone XR & iPhone XS Prices


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Apples been in a weird situation with the newest iPhones, so they decided to be kind of deceptive to sell their new iPhones!

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44 Replies to “Apple's Being Deceptive About iPhone XR & iPhone XS Prices”

  1. JMRGaming

    It’s not as simple as just dropping prices, they would be a huge up-raw on people who’s already purchased the iPhone XR/ iPhone XS it just wouldn’t be fair on them! Reality clearly hasn’t hit home yet??

  2. ourlifeisadream

    Has no one ever told you to read the fine print? Geez always have to be a problem. Perhaps as the consumer you should do your due diligence and research correctly.

  3. teresa

    I think Apple has become so desperate to earn money that they start to use all means available to trick people into busing new expensive, not-so-much-upgraded iPhones.

  4. LateNite

    They could sell TONS more phones and I know how. Here we go #1- Put the fucking headphone jack BACK in the got damn phone. #2- Make it with expandable memory like most androids. #3- Get rid of that damn screen notch like Pixel or Samsung. BAMB !!!!! It would be like giving people what they want. I'm tied of Apple forcing shit on people.

  5. Mira Barsham

    Imo, as an aggressive Samsung user and Apple hater I'm siding on Apple with this one. Apple sucks money from consumers, we all know that. Mass majority of us consumers know the ridiculous price tag on these products and when we see offers like this we know why, trade in's + this isn't the first time Apple has ever offered newer products at discounted rates w/trade in. Apple lacks innovation and only cares about $$ I discovered that years ago…

  6. Jack Manning

    You can get an iPhone XR for $249 or an iPhone XS for $499 (Max for $599) if you trade in an iPhone X which is actually pretty awesome. I’m considering getting the iPhone XS Max for $599

  7. DPMO

    These assumptions are crazy! More advertisements does not equal poor sales. They’re probably just trying to clarify because most people are confused by the three new iPhones released this year

  8. John Gonzales

    Excellent presentation!'re absolutely right about the "click-bait" route Apple marketing is taking. I visited their site a couple of wks ago while shopping for an AppleWatch and that deceptive pricing tactic was the first thing I noticed.
    That lowball price with the asterisk kinda sets up the inexperienced buyer for a major letdown and sticker shock AFTER you click a couple more times and see the real price. I mean, yeah, the "low price" on that beautiful main Apple page definitely grabs your attention. I played along and entered the info for my 2 yr old 7plus and was credited with a $300 trade-in value towards purchase of a $1099 X max. The $300 was temporary until Apple actually receives the trade-in and then credits you with the REAL value.
    Apple shouldn't play this game. Most people already know that new iPhones are expensive. Just post the prices. If Apple were to decide to slash prices (unlikely, based on their history), then yes, splash it all over the main screen and Apple fanboys and new customers will most likely flock to that sort of deal.
    What I did end up doing was visiting their Refurb products section and bought my g/f an iPhone 7Plus 32GB for $469. Apple produces great hardware and software, but the lastest iPhones' are exorbitantly priced.
    You're absolutely right. Apple has lowered their standards by stooping to click-bait marketing. Major turnoff!

  9. Alex Carpov

    They update it the page. So when you click on buy now a selection tab appears and you choose from there what iphone do you wanna trade and it tells you automatically the discount for xr and xs

  10. Reo Bating

    Well I used pocophone for the last couple of months since it’s launch in my country, nothing I don’t like about the poco except for the display weird glass glare. I got to XR now coz my gf wants that poco. To be honest, if I hear anyone still saying bad thing about display quality of the XR, you are probably just fall into two types of people, you’re apple hater or you never get your hand of a XR. I can stream 1080p on youtube anyway using XR, so shut up.

  11. Zachary G

    It's Apple the same people who slowed down your phone because it's old. Also the same people who don't want you to have your device fixed for cheap at places other than their genius bars.

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