Apple's iOS 7 Controversy

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time in the online tech community, you’ve probably heard people say things like, “iOS 6 was the best version,” or, “everything has gone downhill since iOS 6.” And that’s actually a fairly common sentiment among people who believe that iOS 7 was a misstep by Apple that they’ve never recovered from. And while I personally don’t share that opinion, it’s worth exploring why iOS 7 received so much criticism and how it became the most controversial iOS release in history.

But before we talk about iOS 7 and all of its radical changes, we have to establish some context. Because if you’ve only become an iPhone user in the past few years, you probably don’t understand the big deal with iOS 7 since it’s so similar to what the iPhone’s operating system looks like today. So let’s talk a little bit about iOS 6. Which was released in 2012 and featured what’s called a skeuomorphic user interface. Meaning elements of the operating system were designed to resemble real-life objects. For example, in the Notes app, you would type on a virtual notepad. Complete with yellow lined paper bound by brown leather. And in the Newsstand app, which was replaced by the News app in iOS 9, you’d find a virtual bookshelf finished in a light brown wood texture. Now skeuomorphic design elements like these had been around since the very first iPhone in 2007, so it became a quintessential part of what defined the iPhone.

25 Replies to “Apple's iOS 7 Controversy”

  1. Kelly

    iOS 12 was the worst for me. I had my iBooks all in order, and the stupid software completely messed everything up. All the books I deleted were back and to hide them was only possible on my computer-not my iPad. ?

  2. VanMan 23

    I didn't like iOS 7 at the time. Not because it looked different. In fact, I like the design since day one. My main issue with it was how it affected older devices. I used an iPhone 4s at the time of iOS 7 and my phone could no longer run it smoothly. Looking back, that's largely due to the fact that Apple's mobile devices at the time weren't as powerful or as long lasting compared to today. Overall, I think iOS 7 was a good change and I found its design to be good even today. iOS 12 is the best iteration of this type of design layout, and the best iOS version so far. However, I do think it's time for another redesign. As long as the new look makes the user experience just as simple, if not better,I would be happy with iOS 13.

  3. C Dawgie

    I’m still furious about the change but I hate android so I was stuck and just had to stick with iPhone however using an iPhone XR right now, I’m not sure how it would look, I still like the old iOS design

  4. Maizeena ™

    I'm sorry to say that I understand your point, but iOS 6 is simply prettier, just like that.
    Is way prettier, I jailbreak my phones just to get old features for example

  5. Pye Ltd.

    iOS 6 was shit. iOS 5 was the best version of iOS as it’s the last iOS to have powered by google apps and the old YouTube app. When you talk about iOS 6 you keep showing iOS 4 pics with the rainy background

  6. Jack Kristensen

    John Ive is amazing at everything he does and designs I love his vision the iPhone I’m holding on my hand is beautifully designed just as beautiful as the IOS it’s a aesthetic glass state and I love it.

  7. Lilith Valentine

    I honestly didn't like the old iOS and that was the main reason why I didn't go for an iPhone for so long. I felt like it was just more focused on gimmicks over functionality and was going to get slower and dated really quickly. iOS 7+ seemed really focused on the direction operation systems were going in and it's why I actually went back iOS.

  8. Adam Victor

    There should at least be themes for the iphone you can change instead of forcing everyone to go with the minimalist design. I think personally think minimalism is ugly. Windows 8 was the worst offender everything was just square and monochromatic.

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