Apple's iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Folio Review: The Best, But Too Many Compromises

AppleInsider review of the updated 2018 iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Folio (12.9 and 11-inch)

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28 Replies to “Apple's iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Folio Review: The Best, But Too Many Compromises”

  1. LexTheQueer

    I’m concerned about the keyboard sitting on the screen when the folio is closed, and I’m really going to miss the higher angle of the old Smart Keyboard because I use that angle without the keyboard in the way every single day.

  2. Toby Henderson

    Thanks for the video, listen don’t buy the base model iPad with this I wasn’t aware it has no magnets and the edge is rounded so it just slides right down. Why wouldn’t any new iPad fit on this product I have zero clue.

  3. Akashic Blessings

    This review is comical. How about I give it a try… The keyboard is light as a feather and was so convenient travelling back and forth to school. Loved it! However, the keyboard is no longer working after only 2 years. Using my device open-faced was too strenuous for the seamed hinge and it eventually started to split. Keep that in mind if you are seeking something long-lasting and durable. I mean, the price point is somewhat hefty. Although the keyboard was perfect for class, I missed having a backlit function when working at night. Also, because the keyboard is fabric, some of the keys began to fade rather quickly, if that's something that would bother you. Thanks for the comments everyone, had a good laugh!

  4. David Poland

    All Gallaudet students were given during Covid this summer a 2nd edition 11 inch iPad Pro, and the keyboard folio. While I wish we were given the larger size, it would have cost a lot more for the university, so I get why. However, I found nothing to whine about in weight, flexibility, or taking up space. Our Deaf university uses ASL on Zoom for classes with students around the world, and the keyboard was not in my way to take notes. Deaf people are great at adapting. Maybe that is why Apple caters to us.

  5. Susan Miller

    Thanks for this comparison. I have the older model that doesn’t cover the back, and I could never figure how to keep it open with the keyboard in the back. Thanks for showing me this! I love the keyboard and the fact that it’s so light.

  6. Nishinian

    – Does the old microfiber smart keyboard also work on the 2020 ipad pro?
    – If yes: where can I get it? Cause I just can't seem to find that microfiber one anywhere online anymore. (except at extremely high prices)
    I just want a stand for the ipad 2020 pro so that it can sit upright WITHOUT the keyboard in front of it :/
    I think I just really want the old smart keyboard you show us here, but on the new ipad 2020. Any advice or alternatives?

  7. Al Tomas

    i wonder if this version of the smart keyboard would work on the new iPad Air 2020 given that it's the same size and the camera cutout is not awkward ahaha.

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