Apple's iPhone XR Problem

In this video we’re going to cover some of the trouble Apple’s had with their iPhone XR. Because the company expected it to be one of the best selling iPhone models of all time, but it’s become clear that isn’t the case at all. And Apple has been moving very aggressively to remedy the lack of demand.

Now before the iPhone XR and XS was introduced back in September, Apple was enjoying the tremendous success of their iPhone X, which helped catapult the company to a one trillion dollar valuation in August 2018. But there had been many criticisms of the iPhone X, one of the biggest being its high price. Because at one thousand dollars, it was the most expensive iPhone ever sold, and many analysts believed that would hinder sales of the model. But Apple proved them wrong, selling more iPhones in 2017 than the year before.

So when it came to the iPhone XS and XR, Apple assumed they had a winning combination on their hands. Especially since they were offering a budget iPhone that featured an even larger edge to edge display than the X. And it came in colors! So why on earth would the affordable, attractive, feature-filled iPhone XR not sell like hotcakes? Well, there has to be at least one reason, because to Apple’s surprise, the XR didn’t perform as well as they’d expected.

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  1. Marc Guima

    Well, the problem seems to be taking Tinman from shipping department and trying to make him into a Techman. The man should just resign.
    Someone find us another Steve. A man that had courage to look for the new and different every year.

  2. Neel Naik

    Does anyone realise that the iPhone 5c and the iPhone XR both were supposed to be budget phones, both came in more colours than most iPhones and both sold less.

  3. Tea Tutorials

    Nothing is wrong with the iPhone XR I’ve had it like a few months now it’s the best iPhone in the gameeeee nOt tO bRaG bUt I gOt Da CoRaL oNe AyYyYyYeEeE

    Edit:Just got the Xs max sorry not in the Xr gang anymore.

  4. jean-marie dedobbeleer

    I have got 2 xr with a defect, communication got cut and impossible to dial a new number for a while, in the meantime, an iphone 6 + can make a call, so it is not the network since we have the same provider.
    Twice the same problem means a construction defect hidden.
    This iphone XR is not 100% reliable , and for communication it has a serious problem, since I use my iphone to call

  5. Cool Bro Thorogood


  6. Zycklacon

    Honestly, lets be real here.

    The iphone XR would be a good phone if it didn’t have its cons.

    Apple could have lowered the price to at least $660 or $640, if you just raise it to $745 then it won’t appeal to anybody because they don’t have a lot of money to spend and they have to spend it on more important things, and im not even including tax and with that its even more expensive.

    Also, they could have raised its ~~720~~ 828p display to 1080p, the iphone 6, 7, 8+ have 1080p so with such a price for a premium phone, at least give us 1080p.

    Apple, this was your time to compete and appeal to other people. An LCD phone with the latest A12 bionic, faster speeds, bigger mAh, and a more secure face ID? This is perfect! But those mistake ruined it for you and yet you are charging us $745 plus tax for features lost even though previous phones had those features.

    The only time its less expensive is by trading in your phone which is useless unless you have an iphone 6 or higher to trade in, which I doubt many people will do or get it on a plan. People have to pay for food, taxes, rent or mortgages and with $32.00 each month added to the weight, you think people will choose that option?

    Yes, I may be wrong but apple could have corrected these mistakes and more people would buy it, making the profits back and lets be honest, you probably wont be buying the Iphone X, XS, or XS Max so wouldnt that option be cheaper and more appealing?

  7. Saturn Gaming

    This is just a phone for spoiled kids. I have an iPhone 7 and more people are getting the XR in my school. I am not getting the XR. It’s ugly and overpriced.

  8. Doppler OS

    I’m using a IPhone XR atm and the picture quality of a Pixel 2 hands down passes it by far compared to this outrageous over priced tech and my friend got their Pixel 2 for about $300

  9. Lilcoolcat A

    I have a xr and in my opinion it’s a great phone especially if your just using it for calling but that’s not what I’m just doing with it so I would say that it under preforms but it is a big increase in quality for me because before I had the xr I had a iPhone 6s

  10. Why are you running?

    I think that naming play big role too. It should be called iPhone 9. Since they named it XR, people start to compare it with iPhone X, XS and XS max. If it was called iPhone 9, it would be in the same category with previous models and the controversial display would be much more justified. It’s about perception

  11. Dave Allanach

    Stop calling the iPhone Xr a budget device. That's total nonsense. It's supposedly their budget offering in terms of the current generation BUT you don't have to look far to see where the sales are headed. After 5 years of nothing but iPhones I am writing this on a Huawei P Smart… And there are very few things the iPhone Xr can do above and beyond this device. Face recognition? Check. I don't use it and it's not as sophisticated as Face ID but it's there and I get a far smaller notch… But not only that… I get to continue to use fingerprint recognition (which is my preference) and I keep my headphone jack and get expandable storage. All that for less than a third of the price of entry to the Xr party. The Xr is desirable… But in the current market the premium materials and lightning port aren't enough to justify the Apple tax.

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