Are iOS Developers in Demand?

Everyone always asks me if iOS development is in demand, and as an iOS developer, I’ll be answering that question in this video with details and examples.

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10 Replies to “Are iOS Developers in Demand?”

  1. Steven Demartini

    i went to a big job fair in Sanfransisco with big companies and I was asking companies what they were looking for from new grads and MOST of it was web developers with react knowledge. the second msot was some data science (probably cuz its so new and there isnt a big job force) and the thrid was iOS, android, and react native developers (an even mix of all 3)

    a VERY INTERESTING thing i heard from a few booths was that the company swaped from native evirontments to react native AND NOW they wanted to hire people to go back to the native iOS and android environment. So to me if you have skills in iOS, Android, and React Native you are a perfect canidate to hire and scale your own career in a company.

  2. Rafael Nogueira

    And I just learning android development for make some money until I buy some Mac for iOS development…. I have absolutely no mone, I'm in the last half of computer science and can't find a job… Specially because I live in poor country, is so hard =/

  3. Абай Жардем

    OMG!) dude ) your idea about react native VS native ios developing is my research work of Master's degree in university. At now I shocked!!!) Please do a video about it))
    P.s.: sorry for my english. Because its not my own language))

  4. Herman Kster

    I think you are trying to learn too many things at once. I agree you need to know more than just one language but I think you should stick to one and once you become good with it learning another is easy.

  5. Rafael Monroy

    Dope vid man, great to hear since I just decided to go all in into iOS development lol also I read quite a few articles on Xamarin/react native vs swift and surprisingly to my knowledge it turns out that the apps build on these platforms are actually native apps unlike other hybrid app platforms like titanium that are just a web base app built inside a native shell, these apps allow users to tap into the hardware, run offline and when compared to their native langue built counterparts they were able to outperform in some areas such as cpu efficiency. However, one major problems with react native is the language it runs, Javascript. Too many flaws, and deemed unsafe my many developers. Also, since it’s open source, if you develop an app through react, you are basically relying on everyone who contributes to react to update their libraries and if Facebook where to ever pull the plug on React, there goes your app. Xamarin on the other hand seems like a more worthy platform to develop on if you want to have a one codebase solution for both android and iOS, its written in C# and it seems more stable than react native. Also Xamarin allows you to create different UIs for each individual platform, iOS Android and windows. Like I said I all this was very surprising because I believed that apps built on these platforms were not actually native but turns out that they really are, after you develop the apps on either platform, you can import to Xcode and even add some swift to your code. As for me, Im just sticking to swift for the moment, I’m fairly new to programming and want to get a good understanding of one language before I decide to go and mess with another like C# or Javascript. Idk if you remember but I commented on your trailer video a while back(as “Rafael Monroy”) saying that I wanted to start a channel like yours, I finally did it lol even gave you a shoutout in my first video, not too sure how helpful that was for you since I only got like 7 views. Sorry for the long comment btw lol have a great day!

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