Are phones ONLY about Style now? – Oppo Find X Review

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33 Replies to “Are phones ONLY about Style now? – Oppo Find X Review”

  1. Benjamin Leong

    I don't think always on display and wireless charging is necessary. It's just more convenient, that's all.
    Wireless charger Still degrades like a regular charger.

  2. M D

    Hey dude worry less about opinionated cell phone reviews and do something about that Whiney fucking annoying voice….. get your fucking money up and have 2 phones…. one oppo find x and one iPhone xsmax and take your note nine and Chinese in laws and go fuck yourselves

  3. M D

    Carl Lee thank you finally for an informed opinion…. I wish you did this video because this kids voice is making me want to literally reach through my phone and choke the life out of him……

  4. Brandon Widner

    I've been able to change 90% of the stuff he complained about either in settings or developer mode. Of course I have the Chinese ROM and only paid $600 us dollars new. My only complaints so far (only having this phone 3 days now) is not water resistant, SD card slot, head phone jack (but hell apple never had those two and everyone loves them) can't get the voice assistant to English and the magazine (lock screen) converted to English. Other than that, love the phone especially to have a simple Android skin.

  5. M. T.

    “Okay lest get to the good stuff…..NOTHING” I laughed until I figured out he wasn’t saying there was nothing good

  6. Rod Peddle

    Thanks Linus, I was ready to buy this phone! I'm glad I watched this first because I just sent the Nubia X back for the same reason (Not getting notifications). Thank You!
    Not going with Note 9 though 🙁

  7. Justin Farias

    this dude is an idiot talking bad about a phone that's not even fully out yet maybe the thing werent working right cause it's in development mode still instead of nitpicking at its faults cause there are gonna be some since it is not fully ready tell us what's good about it an no one uses hangouts

  8. Zachary Doering

    So, let me get this straight a company who made amazing blu-ray/DACs players kills those to make mediocre phones? Then, on the mediocre phone, they don't even put one of their nice DACs they are famous for with a headphone jack? why OPPO Why?

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