Astrophotography Android vs iPhone, which is better? | Galaxy S10 vs iPhone 11 Pro

Do you want to learn how to photography stars with your Samsung Android phone? Is the Samsung better than the iPhone?
In this video, the iPhone and the Samsung S10 will go head-to-head to see how they both photograph the milky way.
Learn about iPhone astrophotography / night / low light mode, as well as Android manual mode.
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16 Replies to “Astrophotography Android vs iPhone, which is better? | Galaxy S10 vs iPhone 11 Pro”

  1. Harvey Cole

    I just got my phone tripod this afternoon going to head out tomorrow night. I live in Northern Nevada and with the new moon I should be able to get some amazing photos. Hopefully the clouds stay away. Thank you for the video.

  2. Warren Jameson

    I'm an Android guy because I like the option of changing settings. That being said, I think the Iphone took a better photo, and showed more of the Milky Way. The Actual Camera blew them both away with the amount of stars shown, so a little adjustment on Shutter Speed may have really enhanced that photo to limit the star trails.

  3. Mr Cube

    I got Samsung A51 is got ios 3200 maximum and second 10 maximum, in the update android 11 with one ui 3.0 is going to enhance more second to 30 second to take stars and milky way?

  4. Kevin Klein

    Managed to capture the Milky Way just a couple of weeks ago with the S7 Edge. What I'll say is that these pics look okay on similar smartphones with their shiny bright displays. On older smartphones or tablets, they won't look nearly as good. On a laptop or yet alone a proper monitor, they'll look absolutely horrid. This is where you can see that these phones are really lightyears away from DSLRs.
    I like my mobile for quick snaps and instant sharing, which is what it's designed for. Sometimes I'll take my GoPro up the mountains or on bicycle tours. There's a right place and time for each product.
    However, when I think about what I've spent over the years on these little devices, I realise that I could've gotten really decent camera gear for that amount of money a lot earlier.
    It's nice to have a smartphone, as it can do a little bit of everything… but obviously it won't be as good as products that are designed for these purposes. So I'd always recommend a proper alarm clock instead of your mobile's alarm, a headlight or handtorch instead if your phone's flashlight, a proper navigation system instead of Google Maps… especially if you head out to remote areas in the dark, the last thing you want to do is rely on your phone.

  5. Bryon Paul Veal

    Shayne, I looked over these photos several times and while I own an android Samasung Galaxy Note 9, I am not seeing how the photo comparision of the Samsung 10 being anywhere close to the quality of the Apple phone. Do you feel processing wise, from your professional approach, the Galaxy photo you fetatured has more potential? Was it a matter of having more control in the Professional mode? I love your work and videos- easy to understand, going far with your setting ideas. But I am missing something here comparing the Apple and Samsung photos- Thx in advance. Bryon Veal

  6. Video Maker

    Nice. iPhone 11 did better than the s10, Milky Way looks better. Both are great though, but the P40 pro is just in its own league when it comes to astrophotography.

  7. Lewis X

    If you have all the saturation and contrast settings etc set to default you get two photos from Pro mode, one with all the software de noise stuff on and the 'raw' one and the raw one will have more colour on star shots and look better

  8. Luis Rosas

    well this is my opinion
    the S10 has a more complete camera mode

    and the iphone 11 / pro is more minimalist and a little higher quality

    (I am an apple fanboy respecting the other OS) this is before watching the video I clarify

  9. Channel TwentyTwo

    Fantastic video mate. I need to get a good tripod and find a spot with no light pollution, because this looks really fun. Also funnily enough, I recently switched from the Samsung S10+ to the iPhone 11 Pro

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