Battle of iOS and Android. The iPhone SE Versus Samsung Galaxy S7 | GetConnected

The iPhone SE versus Samsung Galaxy S7. Mike and Andy throw down in a debate about the function, design, battery, and screen size of the two phones. Surprise guest…a fish tank!

Samsung Galaxy S7 USA Canada
iPhone SE USA Canada

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29 Replies to “Battle of iOS and Android. The iPhone SE Versus Samsung Galaxy S7 | GetConnected”

  1. Ajax Khan

    Apple IPhone King of generation. That shitty Android headache. When u use iPhone and switch to Android u will realize specification fake in android. Actually Why?

  2. Jon h

    I am a big fan of Samsung Samsung are the best better than that iPhones I like the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge but I don't think it's waterproof but I know it is water-resistant

  3. Ezekiel Mortel

    Android fanboys keep braggig about their phone's hardwares, IPhone usually have half the hardware power of an Android but can still be profoundly competetive. How come? Software over hardware.

  4. Michael

    Mike is excatly how I used to be back when I was an isheep always just making up crappy excuses like "yh but we don't need micro sd cards cuz we haz cloud storage". Yep so does android on top of micro SD cards not to mention cloud storage is great if you have internet connection and you can't store things like apps in the cloud either.

  5. Connor Darlington

    Typical "fanboy" debate. I personally think the iPhone is a great phone and definitely more intuitive, but there still are some features that draw me to Android. First, there are more options for customization WITHOUT JAILBREAKING OR ROOTING YOUR PHONE. Then there is affordability. There are many androids that you can buy for less than $100, which really matters when you are on a limited budget. Google gives you more storage for free, and you can add an SD card on some phones. Let me get this clear. I am NOT an Android fanboy. I am just explaining my reasons for why I personally prefer Android for MY phone.

  6. Mohd Razali

    my phone is vivo 128gb internal +256 sd card + 6gb ram drag and drop…amplifier cips opa2604 ips display 443ip.. winner here finally have 3.5jack

  7. Linked Devices

    If you live anywhere it rains you won't have to drop your phone into water to appreciate the water resistance. It's a life saver when your lost in the city and have to use GPS without having to run into a coffee shop

  8. Abhishek Biswas

    Hi, I am confused as to which phone to buy in India. The S7 and iPhone se 64gb is at the same price here. My main concern is battery life. So which one would you suggest??

  9. Hashem Hashem

    I should've switched to iPhone since my first Samsung galaxy Note died on me, however the salesman convinced to stick with Android, so I decided to give it one more chance, this time I am switching to iPhone, I don't care what Android fans thinks

  10. Nick Margeas

    The guy with the iPhone has dumb points. It's like he knows nothing about phones. First of you want to save photos on Android in the cloud you have lots of options but the best and simplest way is to use Google photos. Another thing is for the price you can get so many great Android phones that are on par if not better than the SE

  11. hasse77

    Mike: "You know Apple actually bought the company that had the best fingerprint scanner, and all of the rest of them use the crappy ones."
    Emphasis on the word "had", that comment Mike is referring to is from the mouth of the former CEO for Motorola. At the time Motorola was thinking of buying touch sensors from Authentec to Nexus 6, but Apple went in and bought the company. But since then one of Authentecs biggest competitors has released sensors matching the TouchID in iPhones and in some cases also being better. The company I am talking about is Fingerprint Cards, having sensors to the most of the Android phones on the market today, almost every OEM except Samsung who buys their ones from Synaptics (cheaper prices, due to discounts for many other components from Synaptics used in the phones) and Egistec for their A-series.

    Watch the sensors in Oppo F1 Plus (from Fingerprint Cards) vs iPhone 6S being tested:

    Their new under glass borderless sensor: (demo)

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