Battle of the Nokias: Nokia 7 Plus vs Nokia 8 Sirocco

Read the full article: | It’s Nokia vs Nokia! Join Adam as he pits the Nokia 8 Sirocco vs Nokia 7 Plus to see which is the best bang for your buck. Spoiler: it’s a surprisingly blurry line given that these are flagship and mid-range offerings from a single company!

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41 Replies to “Battle of the Nokias: Nokia 7 Plus vs Nokia 8 Sirocco”

  1. Peter Ford

    The 7plus is sure chomping at my mind for my next phone but being a speaker lover I wish Nokia would adopt front facing stereo speakers in their line of at least mid range phones. Most of us are mid range buyers anyway and I can only bet Nokia would draw many more customers with some nice speakers, since we do have to submit to less high end chipsets and storage etc. Come on Nokia.

  2. Mr Green eyes

    Hello there iam looking to get the plus 7 can this phone be wireless charged as I've heard the night mares of dodgy charging ports cheers from Shropshire

  3. Sanjiv Agarwal

    Nokia 7 Plus

    I picked up this mobile after a lot of research.


    (1) Stock Android One (Comes with Oreo 8.1 upgradeable to Pie and Android Q)

    (2) Two-day 3800 mAh battery (Support for QC 3.0)

    (3) Superb Cameras with lotz of advanced options. Bothie, Selfie, PIP and live streaming to Fb & Youtube.

    (4) 18:9 FHD+ 6" display which looks bright & is easily legible even in bright sunlight.

    (5) Fast & energy-efficient Snapdragon 660 CPU.

    (6) 64Gb ROM & 4Gb of LPDDR4x fast RAM.

    (7) Premium build- quality with a single block of Series 6000 Aluminium. Designed to last for years.

    (8) Other Features: Loud audio, Dual-Sim, Dual-4G expandable storage, Fast charging 3.0, Gesture Controls, Face Unlock, USB Type-C, OTG Support, 3.5mm, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, GPS, GLONASS, NFC etc. etc.

    Desirable features which would have made it the Killer, all-time Greatest handset:

    – No FM radio
    – No Dedicated SD-Card slot
    – No Notification light
    – No Dust/Water-proof (IP67)
    – No Wireless charging
    – No Stereo Speakers
    – No Notch (good for many).

    You cannot expect a mid-range model to have all the features though. So this has the most BANG! for your Bucks.

  4. LIBRIAN Sana

    Such a beautiful device… Nokia 8 Sirocco… I dont understand why we have always have to sacrifice for SD card slots and headphone jacks in such flagships… Seriously its a heck of a problem in every smartphone brand these days… Nokia plzz… Be more of a something different… We believe in u… Bring SD card slots and headphone jacks back for God sake

  5. allah bless

    Was waiting for a flagship Nokia to replace my note 5 but the Sirocco doesn't catch my attention. If it was more similar to the lumia 950xl with Android one id be all over it

  6. Athaeus

    Lower megapixels doesn't equate worse camera. The Nokia 8 Sirocco has far larger pixels (1.4 µm) in the selfie camera, meaning it's more low-light capable than the Nokia 7 Plus selfie-camera (1.0 µm).

    Personally I also greatly prefer the 16:9 aspect ratio over the 2:1. YouTube is 16:9, TV-series are 16:9 and web-pages are easier to browse in a more squarish format, as you can see on productivity tablets from Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft (using 3:2 or even 4:3 aspect ratios).

  7. pavan munagala

    Bro my Nokia 7 plus screen getting frozen
    I mean it's not responding and if I lock and unlock it then it get working again
    Please help me bro for solving this issue

  8. Juan Sanchez

    I’m getting the Nokia 7 plus from carphone warehouse for £349 sim free is so nice and is got headphone jack I won’t buy any smartphone without a headphone jack cheers peace.

  9. Amit

    I was using Nokia Lumia 730 until now and as Microsoft abandoned the platform i wanted to switch to a good device, so thought of buying Nokia Android devices and i was so confused between Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 8 and Nokia 8 Sirocco. I liked Nokia 7 Plus design as it looked like a Pixel device, Nokia 8 got really cheaper and had really good specs like front cam can shoot 4k videos and it had OIS and monochrome camera for portrait and good night shots, Nokia 8 Sirocco felt like a beast and something new and better looking than these both phones but it is kinda a downgrade compared to Nokia 8 as it had no OIS, no 4k recording on front camera and 5mp compared to 13mp on Nokia 8, no second sim slot or sd card expansion option which was present in Nokia 8 and Nokia 7 Plus, so dropped the plan to buy Nokia 8 Sirocco and then got confused between Nokia 8 and Nokia 7 plus, so comparing the specs and the features and the 50 Dollar difference between both phones made me buy Nokia 8, I am happy with it so far but always thought only if Nokia 8 sirocco had same specs as Nokia 8 but with improved cameras i wouldve bought it eyes closed.

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