Before you Buy a OnePlus Nord…

My review of the OnePlus Nord. The best valued all-round smartphone this year.

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25 Replies to “Before you Buy a OnePlus Nord…”

  1. brakjart

    I really really like this one, and I can currently get it for about 350 euros, BUT i'm having doubts because of the night photos. I'm not one to usually go out at night, but when I do, most definitely I'll want to take a couple pictures, either of the surroundings or just regular selfies with friends. Also, Pokemon Go is basically the only game I'd play with a phone, soooo, I think it's worth the buy but I'm still deciding. This one or the Oppo Find X2 Neo?

  2. Thomas Holmegaard

    This is the cheapest but the best smart phone I ever had I use my phone a lot and this easily gives me 2 days of batterylife my old samsung A40 could barely give me one day. I took a few pictures over x-mas and they were pretty good even in low lightning.
    for some reason the camera on my phone looks different then the one in the video maybe because I'm in europe I don't know.
    There are probably better phone's out there but for the price this is amazing ( 5 nord and a bit for the price of the cheapest model of the new Iphone where got mine)

  3. Faraz Alavi

    OMG Dave I had the same questions in my mind. When i saw the specs of 8 pro with 120 hz refresh rate,i was like now they might come up with 144hz like Mi 10T pro..😂😂

  4. julian ong

    Can always add gcam…. Not the end of the world…. Dont know why reviewers never mention options like gcam when the stock camera is bad in their reviews

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