Best 5 Smartphones Running On Android One – Google's Stock Android Phones

Android One is Google’s platform designed to bring affordable Android phones to the market. Android One program hasn’t exactly exploded. This year, however, we have seen major brands like Motorola and LG jump aboard, which bodes well for the program. It is in various markets now, with the new goal of third-party OEMs selling Android One phones with a stock version of Android inside. Below are some highlighted devices that are part of the Android One program.

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1. Xiaomi Mi A2
2. Nokia 6.1 Plus
3. Motorolla One Power
4. LG G7 One
5. Xiaomi Mi A1

Other Mentions Include:-
▶Nokia 7.1 Plus
Nokia 7 Plus
▶Moto X4
▶HTC U11 Life
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Best 5 Stock Android Smartphones In 2018–Near Stock Android Phones
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26 Replies to “Best 5 Smartphones Running On Android One – Google's Stock Android Phones”

  1. Rowdyy Ronnie

    Seriously!? Nokia 6.1 is better than Nokia 7 plus? First of all, Nokia 7 plus is the most successful device of HMD Global till date (please do your homework properly). Second, Xiaomi sucks in terms of monthly update. Although they are selling their devices under AndroidOne program, their monthly updates take way too long to reach (mostly at the end of the month. I used Mi A1 myself. So I know what I am saying). Whereas HMD Global rolls out updates by 15th of every month. They have alreasy released Pie (stable) for Nokia 7 plus but still releasing Oreo for people who want to stay in Oreo. So please get you knowledge checked about AndroidOne program and the participants.

  2. Laxmikant Mali

    If you want to take a smartphone then I will advice – Google pixel, Nokia, Moto, LG, Nexus these are official stock Android one smartphones. Their updates are official Google, looks are great and no other third party applications or UI systems. And Don't take Redmi, Oppo, Vivo, HTC, One Plus because they are Chinese and they add their own systems and third party applications. And Oppo and Vivo are mostly users are in India because Indians are stupid ??

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