Best Android One Phone | Nokia 7.1 or Motorola One?

Side-by-side comparison of the Nokia 7.1 and Motorola One, two of the latest Android One smartphones launched end of 2018. Which has the best specs, most feature-packed camera tech, speediest performance and best battery life – the £300 Nokia 7.1 or the £269 Moto One?

Nokia’s mid-range mobile impresses with its HDR-ready screen and some slick design, despite that low asking price. So is the Nokia 7.1 the ultimate winner over the Motorola One, which also boasts a dual-lens rear camera, Snapdragon performance and 3000mAh battery? We run through the hardware and software to see which Android One mobile could be your next smartphone.

Of course, as they’re Android One, both the Nokia 7.1 and Moto One boast two years of version updates and prompt security patches also. So you’ll want to stick with them for the long-term, for sure.

Check out our comparison of the Nokia 7.1 vs the Nokia 7 Plus to see how Nokia’s latest handsets stack up.

29 Replies to “Best Android One Phone | Nokia 7.1 or Motorola One?”

  1. Anthony scott

    Nokia 7.1 down to £179 now or reconditioned gallery s7 edge £170 or honour 8x honour play or Moto g7 series aprox £180 or xamomi mi a2 lite £180 what's the best to get for camera video battery and overall best Phone ??? Please let us know what is the best phone for under£250 aprox 300 dollars ??? Thanks?

  2. DavidKashton Tech and Discussions

    Help me please. I'm having a hard time deciding between the Moto G7 Power with that 5000amo batret, the Moto one white, rhe Nokia 7.1 and a stretch but lastly the Asua Zenfone Z5. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. At the moment or as of today I went with the Moto G7 Power because of the 6.2 inch screen and 5000amp battery. I for the first time ever am just totally torn between all four. I'm leaning towards the Moto one as the Zenfone Z5 is clearly the better of the 4 spec wide but also $499 dollars but yet that's still a damn good price 6gs of RAM 845 snapdragon quad resolution. Please help mate!!! Always enjoy your content. Kashton

  3. Ms Modeller

    Having left my P20 Pro in an Uber (thankfully getting it back) but needing a phone over the next few days I traded in and old broken iPhone I had from a while ago and got the Nokia 7.1 for £100. I'm actually extremely surprised with the device and it's making me realise how bloated the Huawei is and I may end up staying with my Nokia….

  4. Dan Southcomb

    I'll take the Xiaomi mi a2 over both of these. Stock android snapdragon 660, 6gb ram 128gb storage. The camera is as good or better than the Nokia & Motorola.

  5. ckl

    Interesting, Nokia 7.1 has better specs but seems to be more luggish when launch an app, MOTO definitely does a better job in optimization, however, love the display of NOKIA ! NOKIA 8.1 is the dream phone but pity that it is not launched in the north america.

  6. Nilupul Malinda Kulathunga

    I'm going to buy two Nokia 7.1 phones for my parents.
    They've been using two crappy Nokia X2 phones for few years now. I made their X2 phones a bit better by rooting the phone and installing real Android on it, so my mom and dad can taste the fun of Android a bit.
    When I first introduced them to Android they loved it a lot. I'm pretty sure they're gonna really love the Nokia 7.1.

  7. Joseph DiSalvo

    Interesting. As someone with a 6.1 Plus, I wondered why you'd buy a 7.1.
    Roughly same screen size, notch, screen:body ratio, same chipset, same RAM, same battery. I thought it was the same phone.
    But wow, the display supporting HDR is actually pretty neat. Now I know why the exact same phone has a $70 higher asking price. lol
    tl;dr — Buy a 6.1 Plus if you don't care about HDR, 7.1 if you do, and Moto One Power if you care about the 5 Ah battery. No Moto One ever tho. lul

  8. G

    Motorola One screen is lower resolution (720 × 1520), probably a better comparison is the Nokia 7.1 vs Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite.

  9. Jens Huxley

    resolution for me is not all, the moto have better black and for me is that more important as fullhd. fullhd cost more gpu power on games and cost overall more energie. moto or nokia is hard question but i have buy moto and next time again, thx for comparison.

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