Best Android Smartphone Camera 2014, iPhone vs Android & Android Updates OTA

ANDROID Q&A – Join Jayce as he talks about the best Android Smartphone Camera among the current flagship smart phones, and dealing with iPhone envy, and how to gte Kitkat updates OTA after having flashed a custom ROM.

Sony Xperia Z2 camera wins top spot by DxO benchmark

Feature focus — Samsung Galaxy S5 camera

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42 Replies to “Best Android Smartphone Camera 2014, iPhone vs Android & Android Updates OTA”

  1. Mahmud Ali

    Regarding the ara, what do you think of it as a device and what do you think the pricing is going to be like. Also, could you for see a situation in the future where modular smart phones over take conventional phones?

  2. Daniel Jas

    I noticed something weird, when my nexus 4 touched to my wallet it made sound like "android beam", I search in my wallet and it was my paypass card. is it normal that my phone wants to "connect" with card?

  3. Thushar Pro

    Hey can u explain,
    About, different between a 1080p display and 2k because the format on 1080p is 1080 by 1920 on 2k 1440 by 2560 on 360 by 640 higher so that is call any 2k display.

  4. IGGV

    the question that every one have asked at least once… why the fuck doenst samsung make a properly built phone? (materials)

  5. Tanishq Agrawal

    I m using an IPad 2.My IPad is disabld coz i forgot my password. I know tht i have to format it using Itunes bt i don't know how plz comment steps in simple lang.
    Plz Plz Plz

  6. Ahmad Khan

    Hey @Jayce Broda, me question is why doesn't Google come out with the latest version of stock android ROM similar to what's found on the Nexus devices so anyone who doesn't own a Nexus can download it and directly apply it on their phones and be able to enjoy the latest android version?

  7. Hugo Kiff

    Hi @Jayce Broda , i have a galaxy note 3 and when i updated to 4.4.2 i was quite disappointed to find that very little changed in terms of the look of Touchwiz unlike the galaxy s5 that seemed to get a very many changes in its UI! I was wondering weather you think i will see any of these changes in future updates of android?
    cheers from Hugo 

  8. Assem El-Barky

    hey Jayce , so I live in Egypt and around here we dont really have that many manufacturers , I mean probably the hole market is filled up with Samsung ,apple and old smart phones (ex: we have the HTC one m7 available but no sign of the M8)
    so my question is , from the following tablets which would you prefer (please bare in mind that tablets here are a lot more expensive than they are at the US ) : 
    -Asus fonepad 7 (most probable )
    -Lenovo A3000
    -samsung Tab 3 7.0 (which I rather hate)
    or do you recommend any other tablet around that price point (please don't say nexus 7 2013 because we don't have it here :/ )

  9. Christian Reyes

    @Jayce Broda thanks for addressing my question but I still don't get what you mean with your answer my nexus 7 doesn't run any custom rom nor any carrier rom its just stock android I just unlocked the boot loader in order to root since I wanted root privileges like xposed framework. when I got the 4.4.2 update it was OTA after getting it I decided to root. I would only like to know if in order for me to get the new update (or any future one for that matter) I must unroot and lock again the bootloader? Sorry if I missed out in your explanation but it was not so clear for me, I appreciate your help and your show thanks

  10. Ionut Hurezanu

    Hi! Do you think that, as a rule, cheaper android phones ( or less known and cheap phone makers ) have to suck? I've been seeing a whole lot of cheap makes which sound good on paper, but reviewers tend to say they either have really laggy roms, or wifi, or baterry. Do you have any experience with cheap phones or tablets? And if so, what cheap maker would you say is actually good at what they do? Yes I do realize the nexus devices are awesome and cheap when compared, but in other countries… they're still expensive. Good content, as always, thanks!

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