Best Android Wear OS Watch? Mobvoi TicWatch Pro vs Huawei Watch 2 Comparison Showdown & Review!

In this video we compare the pros and cons of the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro and the Huawei Watch 2 Classic (basically the same as the Huawei Watch 2 Sport). These are reviewed with the best features examined. They are compared closely to reveal which is the best one.

14 Replies to “Best Android Wear OS Watch? Mobvoi TicWatch Pro vs Huawei Watch 2 Comparison Showdown & Review!”

  1. jameslagr78

    Sup man how are you doing? I have the ticwatch pro black version and especially the black version not even look like a life style watch and the wrist doesn't match but look very sporty and hiking watch with silicone wrist and look much better. with the silver version would be look very life style but anyway whatever the look it the best innovation watch until now

  2. jameslagr78

    The essential screen is pretty cool make it looking like a normal watch but on that mode it look u still gonna meet a issue and it when u are in a dark place on the sun it ok but at the dark place you have to boot the watch and only on the smartmode u will be good and on that mode with significant notification u have ler day it will last 2 3 day. I have a huawei watch 2 sport and on watch mode it last 27 day and u can see the time even on the dark place and on the sun like a normal quartz watch. on smartmode with blank screen, brigtness at 1 and default screen on (5 sec or close right away when your wrist go down) 2 day. The only thing the ticwatch pro have better than the huawei watch 2 is the screen size….. Anyway this is my opinion. But i still gonna purchased that watch cuz the design so fancy and great for life style.

  3. Libor Foltýnek

    I like the bigger screen of Ticwatch but I don't like the essential mode. I like when the device looks like a real watch. Is possible to set Ticwatch to ambient mode without enabling the monochromatic display? Which is battery life then?

  4. David Javier Fuentes Gallardo

    Hi, would you recommend this on IOS? I am an Apple user but absolutely hate the the Appel watch. I thought to buy the ticwatch pro but I don’t know if I’ll have some problems with compatibility or keeping track ok sports apps like Strava… thanks for the video one of the best ones

  5. Addy Kasi

    You did not recognise that the Huawei has a Sport version of the same watch and that Classic you have is for business that's why it won't have a belt for swimming and the other sport features you credit to the other one.

  6. Alb

    Great vid, thanks. I'm not sure about buying the Ticwatch Pro now ('Post-Xmas sales') or waiting to see what CES 2019 will introduce. The longer battery life is a huge plus for me, I'm coming from a Pebble watch (R.I.P. Pebble) so I don't want to go from a weekly charge to a daily charge.

  7. Sam Wilson

    This was a great help, so thank you! I've been trying to decide which of these to buy and I have read conflicting reviews. I'd never heard of TickWatch before, I currently have Huawei W1, but I think I'm going to order one today.

  8. c z

    Nice video for the comparison. I had been struggling to choose between these 2 watches. At the end, I go for Ticwatch Pro for a few reasons. It should be reaching me by tomorrow. Hopefully I will not be regretted.

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