Best Cases for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

These are the best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases and bumpers to keep your S8 safe and looking like new!

Buy links:
Caseology Parallax:
Caseology Legion:
Poetic Affinity:
Poetic Revolution:
Ringke Fusion:
Rhinoshield Crashguard:
Spigen Tough Armor:
Spigen Neo Hybrid:
Spigen Rugged Armor:
Tauri Wallet Case:
MNML Case:
Zizo Bolt:

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26 Replies to “Best Cases for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus”

  1. KowalDW

    Using black rock ultra thin iced case. Highly recommend that one for those who like their cases to be minimalistic without making the phone bulky. Protection wise it gives you a firmier grip, but wouldn't help against faling damage.

  2. Kyle Mitchell

    Here's the problem with some of these cases. Yes, they might "work" meaning there's no issues right when you put them on, but over time with your phone going in and out of your pocket, the bottom and sides press in/up and affect the Whitestone Dome. I've seen this with my UAG Pathfinder. The bottom is too flexible. I have yet to find a good case that DOES NOT have this flimsy rubbery bottom.

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