Best iPhone's To Buy In 2021!

Get a iPhone 11 Pro Here:
Get a iPhone 11 Pro Max Here:
Get a iPhone 11 Here:
Get a iPhone XS Max Here:
Get a iPhone XS Here:
Get a iPhone XR Here:
Get a iPhone 8 Plus Here:
Get a iPhone X Here:


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Cheap Prices For iPhones:
Get The iPhone 11 Here:
iPhone XS Max ($1449):
iPhone XS Here:
iPhone XR ($659):
iPhone X ($629):
iPhone 8 Plus ($539):
iPhone 8 ($439):
iPhone 7 ($263):
iPhone 7 Plus ($398):
iPhone SE ($134):
iPhone 6s ($165):
iPhone 6s Plus ($229):
iPhone 6:

Cheap Prices For Androids:
Get The Galaxy Note 10 Here:
Get The Google Pixel 4 Here:
Galaxy S10+ ($799):
Galaxy S10 ($893):
Galaxy Note 9 ($489):
Google Pixel 3 XL ($489) Here:
Google Pixel 2 XL ($339):
Galaxy S9 ($412):
Galaxy Note 8 ($409):
OnePlus 6T ($585):
LG G7 ($328):
LG V30 ($308):
Galaxy S8 ($299):

Here are some of my favorite iPhones I would recommend picking up in 2021!

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44 Replies to “Best iPhone's To Buy In 2021!”

  1. Too Fly

    I had 8+ it broke cuz water got inside my phone dude said he can’t fix it cuz it was too wet I wanted my Iphone back I was so mad I ain’t even want a phone lol I had to downgrade to android LG stylo 6 cuz I ain’t have enough money at the time for a new IPhone and 2-3 weeks later my android falls from the 3rd floor screen shatters had to downgrade to LG stylo 5 and a couple months later I got the SE 2020 .. jus got it last month

  2. VetteD SiN

    a refurb xs max from apple is the best bang per buck tbh. it was such a revolutionary iphone for its time that this phone can still compete with the 12 pro max as a flagship phone in this day and age.

  3. Marko Stanić

    Hello, so i'm an android user, and i want to switch to iphone 6 or 7, which is the better one? I don't want a laggy Iphone with bad battery, thanks if anyone replies. 🙂

  4. Sulayman Bah

    If you have all the money to spend I say get the iPhone 11 pro max cause It is waaaay better battery life than the iPhone 12 pro max without sacrificing performance

  5. Abdelghani Bouarouri :3

    Do NOT buy any of the iPhone 6's. Their battery life is bad and only some of them allow iOS 14. If it allows iOS 14 it will be very buggy, more buggy than an iPhone 6 without the latest iOS update, so please get the 8, 8+ or XR if you are looking for a good and cheap phone 🙂

  6. Younas Khan

    Lol. The link you given says iphone 11 pro max at Amazon is around $850 but you say it s around $600 tag. I don't think this model was ever around $600 unless it is in crappy condition. Same with iphone Xs max. I bought it for 600 but you put it in the category of $400 phones. I don't know w

  7. SlyCooperRN

    Got my mom an XR for Mother’s Day, it’s coming in today 🙂 she’s upgrading from a 7 Plus, I got myself a Gold 12 Pro Max a couple days ago

  8. Memento mori

    Do not get the iPhone 6 and 7. The 6 family is no longer getting major updates, the recent updates has butchered the battery, ghost touch is really common and so on. You could get away with getting a 7 but I think it’s worth saving a little more for an 8

  9. Aisha Olugbile

    Y'all DON'T, I REPEAT DON'T buy the iphone 6,6s or any type of 6 because they're horrible. I had an iphone 6 around two years ago in 2019 until I upgraded to an iphone XR in january 2020. During my time using the 6 the battery was horrible and my phone would just freeze randomly. It would also go to 50 percent to 30 in a few minutes, just please don't buy any iphone under 7/8.

  10. Russian Roulette

    My recommendation:
    If you don’t care about phones and just want one medium iPhone: 7+/8/8+ SKIP any 6, classic 7 and SE
    If you want better cheaper iPhone: XR should be skipped, but you dont have to, its still a good phone but X got much more options and its worth it
    If you want one of the newest ones: SKIP any 11, they are not worth it, any 12 is good but if u want better battery and bigger screen skip Mini

  11. endurance is key

    yall should honestly get the 8 plus, still very fast i got mine last february 1 and i havent experienced shut downs, lag or anything (except when its 1%) and (im a heavy gamer)

  12. Nerf2407

    Save up and buy a new phone from Apple or trade your old phone in because a second hand phone will never be as good as a brand new phone

  13. Aduritx

    I’d say best phone to go with if you’re on budget is the iPhone XR it’s like the iPhone 11 but with one camera if you don’t mind having a single lense camera then I’d go with the iPhone XR over the IPhone because it’s $100 less and has better battery life

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