Best mobile music production apps 2020 (iOS/Android)

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Some may think that starting and finishing a polished track on a mobile device feels far-fetched.
However, in the last few years, mobile apps for making music have really come a long way. In a previous article, we shared five of our favorite iOS apps for making music. In today’s video, we go beyond our previous list, looking across both iOS and Android devices and exploring everything from powerful mobile DAWs to useful utility apps. We’ve also included the full list of apps below for you to check out.


Best mobile music production apps 2020 (iOS/Android)

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  1. ND .B

    Best mixer for live jams on iOS is AUM. It’s not made for arranging but for jams and other explorations. It’s modularity and simplicity is unbeatable. I use it to quickly build a 1st idea, before eventually moving over to a DAW to do the arrangement and the finishing. Check out my vid for a quick look, pls. It’s a live session.

  2. cwestmont

    Remixlive and Splice are a match waiting to be made in Heaven. You definitely need to find a way to seamlessly work together. On Android.

  3. Emiel333 Official

    You said SynthMaster One but you display and play on SynthMaster Player. SynthMaster One for iPhone is temporarily free to download. Also SM Player. Another great and totally free iOS synthesizer is Synth One from AudioKit Pro. Probably the best out there. Pure Synth Platinum is also awesome. It’s a rompler like Nexus. Price is $19,99. Aparillo and Factory are both free and made by SugarBytes. One of my favorite iOS synths is Sunrizer. Supersaw synth based on the Roland JP8000. It’s astonishing and will cost you only ten dollars. I can go on and on but this is a great guideway.

  4. Spencer

    All the songs on my channel are made with fl mobile, they arent very good but that's on me not the app lol . It's easy to use and has everything you need.

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