Best New Features in iOS 12! (And Hidden iOS 12 Features)

Find out the best NEW CHANGES and HIDDEN FEATURES in iOS 12!

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There are plenty of new features in iOS 12 to talk about, both major and minor. Here I talk about the ones I think are the coolest, no matter how small. These new iOS features include group facetime, Siri Shortcuts, the ability to use 3rd party password managers, and more. There are also time and battery management features, and some hidden features that you might not have heard about. Apple really did a great job with this new iOS version.

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25 Replies to “Best New Features in iOS 12! (And Hidden iOS 12 Features)”

  1. Cameron

    Awesome video, but my old iPhone 7+ had been giving me codes that it saw in my text messages for a good while, I’d def say for the past year. So maybe it’s something they took away for a while and reintroduced or improved or something? Idk..

  2. Maxwell Smart_086

    Guys, consider buying Blackberry Motion. Why? Best battery 4.000 mh + and NO slowing down like the iPhone when a new phone is released. And great security and functions. Happy days.

  3. Robert D

    ‘Do not disturb’
    I want my camera app to come through when I have this on? I was able to accomplish it but only by using IFTTT. Apple should allow certain apps to come through if we want when dnd is on. Like if you agree.

  4. Kelvin Tan

    I have to admit that I am pretty lost when I was going through this video. What could I do to help me better understand some of these things which have been brought up in this video?

  5. kiadilla

    About 7+ Please post video on ios 12 how they downgrade font camera when you compare to ios11 … also back camera night mode streets lights ist crazy what they did ,please compare it to ios 11 from other 7plus

  6. comment

    Do you have any iPhone Xr review? I am trying to decide between that and 8plus. Which one would be better for navigation and running an app like waze? I think if Xr had touchId it would be a much easier choice. Also wonder about the camera quality of these two.

  7. RoByN BeTh

    Best new feature I think is I can ask Siri on my iPad to find my iPhone and now instead of saying it can’t help me or something it actually will ping my phone!

  8. Manuel Perez

    how do i remove the 12.0 from my iPhone 6 ? I can not view my security cameras at all due to the upgrade that i refused to download but Apple threw it down my throat anyway.

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