Best Sony Xperia XZ3 Cases & Covers

Here’s our selection of the best cases available for the new Sony Xperia XZ3.

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20 Replies to “Best Sony Xperia XZ3 Cases & Covers”

  1. Mobile Fun
  2. אֶחְיֶה שַֹר אֶחְיֶה

    these cases are all rubbish. the flip leather cases have either no magnet needed to stop it from flapping open and almost guaranteeing a face first drop or a magnet so weak it's not fit for purpose.
    the screen protector glass, if not screwed on simply slips off like you've laid a piece of paper over the screen.. the glue around the edges lasts all of about 6 hours till it becomes a hindrance.. as for no front protection
    , what's the point of a fancy back protection and zero front impact resistance. a 1mm buffer ensures that it has to fall on a totally flat surface minus any little stones or bumps… this video is obviously sponsored, and is as much an honest review as going to the companies web sight and expecting them to badouth their own products.. nonsence.

  3. Cool High Tech

    I am already hating phones with curved glass, they are difficult to protect. I would like to know if the Olixar Exoshield tough bumper case will provide protection from droping on the glass side? Does the bumper extend far enough out to protect the glass? I could careless if it covers the curved glass.

  4. DirtyDutch

    Disappointed you haven feature the Sony Style Cover Touch. U already have the first scratchen on the back of my Xperia XZ3 while unboxing the phone when wering a ring.. Thought it was Gorilla Glass on the back and front and wouldnt scratch that easy!

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