Best Ultraportable Laptop 2020? | Huawei MateBook X Pro (2020) Review

Review of Huawei’s new Matebook X Pro laptop, refreshed for 2020 boasting 10th-gen Intel smarts and impressive specs despite the ultraportable design. This super-skinny and light notebook would be perfect for students with its creative chops and ultrabook style, but there’s one factor that could hold it back. The high asking price, which hits £1699 in the UK.

Still, while the Matebook X Pro 2020 ain’t cheap, you get a lot of clever tech for that cash. Gaming is even possible if you don’t try anything too demanding, while photo and light video editing are handled ably by Huawei’s laptop.

That gorgeous near-14-inch display is also one of the best around, with a sharp 3000×2000 pixel resolution and accurate colour reproduction. Ideal for creative work or kicking back with some Netflix.

The rest of the specs are solid too, from the 1TB SSD to the stereo speaker setup. So if you’ve got cash in the bank and you’re after one of the greatest super-portable laptops of 2020, job done. Check out my reviews of other thin and light notebooks from Acer, Lenovo and others for more inspiration.

32 Replies to “Best Ultraportable Laptop 2020? | Huawei MateBook X Pro (2020) Review”

  1. DMNBK

    definitely the worse ultraportable of the year. The cooling system is a total disaster. The performances are lower than the 2019 version. It looks okay, but when you scratch the surface you start seeing all the flaws. The best ultraportable with no doubt is definitely the Dell XPS 2020 like every single year for a while now, except the M1 models from Apple which are just the bomb.
    So I guess either you have to reconsider your role as a laptop reviewer or you are in fact promoting this brand in exchange of a free laptop or some cash like many youtubers

  2. Robert Potter

    You should do an updated review its currently discounted. Thanks to your review I have bought just the top spec version for £1200 which includes a case and the £200 Sound X Speaker.

  3. Patina07

    I would love to get this laptop but I'm nervous if applications and updates will still work on it in a few years. The articles I read say these 'should' still be fine but I'd prefer if if they could say for sure.

  4. Juan Carlos

    Between this Huawei macbook x pro 2020 and the Huawei matebook 14 2020, which one would you choose? They both have an i7 processor and 16GB RAM. The x pro has a 250 mx graphics and the matebook 14 2020 mx 350. Is there much improvement in the graphics? In other words, do you notice the difference when editing videos with the premiere and playing games?

  5. Denis Bilcec

    Hello! My Matebook X PRO completely crashed while under the warranty and the Huawei refuses to fix my product. Since the 2nd of September 2020 my laptop is in their repair shop and they refuse to fix it as it is destined for USA market whereas I live in Switzerland. People should know how Huawei threats their customers and how little support they offer to their customers.

  6. Konstantinos Mpalatsos

    Do you think this particular laptop has any reason to be jealous over the other popular laptop lines, like the XPS series, the Lenovo's X1 Carbon or Apple's Macbook? This laptop seems to pack a lot of value for how much it costs and there doesn't seem to have a lot of hype around it around the Internet. Thanks!

  7. t sham

    Please advice: I am looking to buy a 13 inch laptop with top specs (cpu , ram, etc) ; the best that money can buy.
    would you say that the huawei x pro is the best at the moment?

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