Better than an iPhone XR! Apple iPhone 6s in 2019 – Flagship performance for a budget price

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The iPhone 6s was released back in 2015 but could still be used as a main phone in 2019. Apple has released several different versions of the iPhone in the last several years but the fact they allow updates to iOS12. I will take a look at how the iPhone 6s stacks up against other phones in 2019.

Special thanks to Flossy Carter and Daniel Bender

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35 Replies to “Better than an iPhone XR! Apple iPhone 6s in 2019 – Flagship performance for a budget price”

  1. riccccccardo

    Only reason I just upgraded my iPhone 7 is due to the rip off prices on the newer iPhones £1500 is the price of a car or one months house mortgage. ?

  2. WakeUpCall

    I used (and loved) my 6s Plus since it came out…until it dropped out of my pocket recently, without me noticing, and I reversed over it with my car. Damn! But hey, Display shattered, and it still works. Display replacement costs around 100 $. So I decided to get the Xr. And that is an awesome device. Somehow though, I feel like cheating LOL

    I guess I am going to get the 6s Plus repaired, and use it at home and as a back up. It still runs perfectly, with an occasional lag when opening the settings.

    Your video shows what kind of quality Apple and iOS are offering., the user can make the most of it, for years.

    Thank you for the down to earth‘ video. It’s a pleasure to listen to you, and that, well involuntary, drop at the end made me laugh. Subscribed!

  3. Angel Cortez

    Also I agree the 6s is small witch is why I think they made the 6plus it depends witch one suites u me I have small hands so 6s is perfect you are a bigger person I would say the 6 plus should be the best phone for you since you do have bigger hands

  4. Patrick Phanthanusorn

    I actually still use the 6s plus and have held on to it because I just didn’t see the need to upgrade. This year though I was planning on getting the note 10 but with rumors of no headphone jack that has made me reconsider. And now after watching your video it is making me consider if I want to pay $1k or just get a new 6s plus. I only have a 16 gig phone and my memory is eaten up which is why I want a new phone. Lots to consider in life. Thanks Travis!

  5. Janusz Kaczmarek

    $4:36 You are wrong. Try the same test with 4k 60fps 1 min then talk about power of CPU's.
    5:40 Why are u showing only one picture took from 6s?
    Camera difference is unimaginable ability to shoot in 4k 60 fps low light capabilities iphone 6S battery is a joke compared to Xr.
    In general 6S is still a great phone, but compared to xr, xs/max is feeling kinda old, to be honest.
    The point is if you dont need full this extra feature's without u could life on it's really a great phone in this price tag.

  6. Kendal Riley

    I currently own a IPhone 6s Plus! But I will be upgrading to a IPhone XR soon! My IPhone 6s Plus still runs great till this very day with no problems but I just want a upgrade with the new features so that’s why I am leaving the 6s gang for a XR!!!

  7. Ron Simiyu

    Awesome video. I use an iPhone 7, its the best phone purchase of my life. Am an Android diehard but I have to agree Apple know how to handle their hardware and updates.

  8. AVMW

    I've been saying this same exact thing for a while but I'd say get an IPhone 7 or 7+ as you can get them for about 150$

  9. João Varela

    I didn’t know your channel but it got to my recommendations, really happy to see someone putting this out there and I hope this video blows up . I have an iPhone 7 , recommended my girlfriend the same from her iPhone 6 and I see no reason to go spend 750 for the Xr. Maybe in a few years when it goes for a reasonable price. Awesome stuff!

  10. Al B.

    I just got a 6S on iOS 12.1.2 can anybody recommend if I should upgrade to 12.3 or just leave it alone. My biggest concern is battery life

  11. FubarMike

    I wouldn't buy anything less than an iPhone 7 at this point. word is the 6s isn't getting ios 13 and I don't know how long ios versions remain supported by mainstream apps. Last thing I would want to do is drop 150$ on this then find out next summer I can't run facebook twitter or instagram

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