Blackberry Evolve X and Evolve First Look | Price, Specs, Launch Offers, More

The BlackBerry Evolve X and Evolve have been launched in India by licensee brand Optiemus Infracom. The company announced that the two handsets have been conceptualised, designed, and manufactured in India. Here’s our first look at both devices.

➥ Blackberry Evolve X Specs:
➥ Blackberry Evolve Specs:

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35 Replies to “Blackberry Evolve X and Evolve First Look | Price, Specs, Launch Offers, More”

  1. Aditya Sundar

    I don't know about others, but no one gets a BB for hardcore Gaming or photography. It is the most secure phone out there. One might argue that 35k is 15k more than what this kind of phone would demand, I would say that this 15k is for the security you pay. The very fact that people compare specs with price and totally ignore security speaks volumes about their risk appetite

  2. Jithendra S

    better to relaunch BlackBerry evolve with updated camara. snapdragon. some hanging issue are there.. plz recorrect it and launch again.. blackberry is very good mobile set..

  3. Anshuman Srivastava

    All you people complaining about price.. stop. You cant afford the blackberry brand too bad for you. For some this is still regarded as a business phone and the price is reasonable for business users

  4. Nethir Osman

    Blackberry optimise the phones with the software well, specs are not everything. They use older processors for power effeciency and to increase battery life.

  5. Mohit Kashyap

    jo jo mere bhaayi bandh specs ko ro rahe hain price ke according kripaya karrke iss video ko apney mi, redmi, oppo , vivo etc jaise chinese khilauno par na dekhein . BB ki tauheen na karein . Because BB is not for Kids it is only for PROs

    From a proud owner of BBPassport , and BBPriv .

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