BlackBerry Key 2 LE Unboxing | Full tour of the Lite Edition

Unboxing and tour of BlackBerry’s new Key2 LE (or ‘Lite Edition’) smartphone, which costs £350 here in the UK – a significant drop over the standard Key2. And while the BB Key2 LE sports some slimmed-down specs and different camera tech, it’s still a great handset – boasting much stronger value than the original, with pretty much all the same features.

Here we setup the Key2 LE and show off the hardware as well as the software, plus we explain some of the main differences between the two Blackberry 2018 handsets. Stay tuned for a full Key2 LE review, coming soon!

Is this the best BB phone so far this year, or would you prefer the first Key 2? Let us know in the comments below.

22 Replies to “BlackBerry Key 2 LE Unboxing | Full tour of the Lite Edition”

  1. Yeezy westy

    headphone Jack! sold. for blackberry fans that screen size with keyboard is ….yeah that's sweet. but to be honest the screen size was never my gripe with my blackberries. they're just trying to appeal to a wider market.

  2. I G

    Thanks for the review. The LE might actually be a much better deal than the KEY2. The sensitive keyboard is nice but I ended disabling mine because it was too sensitive. Fingerprint sensor is flawed on KEY2 when it works just fine on the LE as your video shows.

  3. Fawad Bilgrami

    Once you get used to the capacitive keyboard gestures of KEY², there's no going back to static Physical Keyboard. Yes it's a little hit and miss but once you know the areas where it works, it's not too bad.
    Moreover swipe to delete, double tap for cursor mode and text selection, that capacitive feature becomes very important.

  4. BasslinesNYC

    Thank you for the review. I wouldn't mind having this phone as a backup or just for calls, texts and emails but the keyboard on the LE version is too small. It does seem well constructed and I'm always a bit surprised that hard plastic isn't used more in phone construction as it's more durable than glass.

  5. AVMW

    Thanks for the great vid mate honestly YouTube legend "shananigans" lol however that blackberry is not worth 350£ if anything the LE should be around 190£ as a smartphone it lacks serious amounts of features even for the average business man which would overall prefer an iPhone or even a slightly more sofisticated android phone… Imo I'd go for the honor 8x and spend the 120£ elsewhere. Any business associated person would want the most out of their hard earned cash so spending 350£ on a phone that offers a little extra superficial security is not even close to what that money could potentially get you elsewhere

  6. Sherman Munn

    It’s a gorgeous phone, but I’m a diehard virtual keyboard user. I’ll always pull for Blackberry, it’s an incredibly solid company. The BB hub is genius, and the redactor tool is nice…but the big black bars while watching movies is rough. Great video as always Chris! Loved it!!

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