BlackBerry KEY2 LE Hands-On at IFA 2018

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32 Replies to “BlackBerry KEY2 LE Hands-On at IFA 2018”

  1. Dallin Crump

    I'm excited about this phone! I have always preferred BlackBerry physical keyboards, but I don't like spending more than $500 on a phone. The KEY2 LE seems like a good balance between affordability and features, and I'm planning on getting one on release day. I hope the Atomic version is available in the US!

  2. ThatsBroFromChicago Derrick

    Current iPhone ? 8 Plus owner. First smartphone was a palm treo (Sprint) I enjoyed having a keyboard ⌨️. Then I had the HTC hero (Sprint) android was lovely. Then I had the HTC touch Pro. In 2018-19 I’d prefer a phone with a slide out keyboard & OLED Screen. All touch is cool but annoying. ?‍♂️

  3. TOSMOOTH Jazzy

    great review but everyone seems to forget to mention that if you TAP the SYM key you get a quick access to the virtual keyboard I use them both . Use it or not it is an option and people are surprised when they know its possible

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