BlackBerry KEY2 LE Hands-On: Less For Less

Many have said the BlackBerry KEY2 is overpriced — so can a $150 price cut help put more BlackBerrys in more hands? Only if folks can get over some feature cuts, too. Join me as I go hands-on with the BlackBerry KEY2 LE at IFA 2018!


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MrMobile’s BlackBerry KEY2 LE Hands-On was produced following several hours with a BlackBerry KEY2 LE review device at IFA 2018 in Berlin Germany. Pre-production hardware running pre-release software. This video was sponsored by TunnelBear.


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39 Replies to “BlackBerry KEY2 LE Hands-On: Less For Less”

  1. Brant Wilkinson

    I have this phone, and I love it. It's a huge upgrade from the Key One. Why not save $200 bucks. Performance is not that drastically different from the Key 2, and battery life is still phenomenal.

  2. Cycling Moven

    Passport was the perfect phone, just needs a upgrade with a 3:2 screen (with the 3 ratio vertical) so it is not square, yes it maybe big but phones are this size now. Stereo fantastic talking quality and reception and the best keyboard! Smooth and big buttons.

  3. phone refill center

    and the real reason why Blackberry took a hit is because the smaller carries like even Boost Mobile Boost Mobile Nextel prepaid back in the day quit allowing have blackberries on their Network that was a very big blow to blackberry and that needs to change all the smaller carriers need and must accept Blackberry on their networks if I want to buy a Blackberry and have it on Cricket Boost Mobile or Page Plus or Net10 or whatever I should be able to have it and that the carriers should act should actually sorry should actually support me and plans should be available for the Blackberrywhat blue Blackberry apart what blue Blackberry apart was not the people running away the carriers stop supporting it that's what happened

  4. phone refill center

    The problem with Blackberry is that carriers like crickets for example don't support the Blackberry I called up Cricket personally myself and I ask them do you support Blackberry they said no they don't ellesse carriers like cricket or Page Plus take on BlackBerry plans and support Blackberry I don't see Blackberry becoming a winner now I'm a big X Blackberry fan I used to have BlackBerry and I'm a big fan of blackberry but I'm not a fan that carriers like cricket and Page Plus Etc don't support themlet you can't get you cannot get pricing or anything for a Blackberry and if you try activating a Blackberry on any of the smaller carriers besides the big for Verizon AT&T Sprint and T-Mobile or the big five whatever it's not going to workBlackberry needs to start getting the smaller companies in like Page Plus Net10 Cricket Etc in order for it to be big-time feasible I hope someone in Blackberry is going to read this comment and it's going to actually is actually going to get this job done because the Blackberry is to succeed it's at a smaller carriers need to adopt it

  5. Sid Osmond

    I've had mine for a few weeks now, switched from iPhone; having worked at an Apple reseller for 2 years. I'm so glad I made the switch. I'm still getting used to Android as my last Blackberry was Q10 running Blackberry 10, but the hardware is great. The pictures will do, I'm no professional photographer. Daily use:

    Internet surfing: hockey news articles, news articles
    social media: scrolling through FB or Instagram, sending the odd tweet
    Streaming: I listen to podcasts and Apple Music on my way to work or to class, and I also enjoy watching my Boston Bruins highlights or their Behind the B programming
    Emails: I do a lot of volunteer coordinating for my job, and as a student am constantly in communication with my profs and other students

    If you enjoy the QWERTY keyboard and are a basic user, this is a great device. I missed Blackberry, I'm glad I made the switch. All the hate Blackberry gets is subjective. I've never had a poor experience with their products, and with an affordable option decided I'd come back; I don't see my daily usage changing in the future other than using email more. If your looking for a media power house, or a pro level camera this isn't for you. Period. This is a good device, for people with appropriate needs to the hardware; a niche device yes, but a good one. Good job Blackberry.

  6. Ron Smith

    I would be a lot more interested in these new Black Berry devices if they weren't running on Android. I really like the old Black Berry operating systems.

  7. Travis Boyko

    I just bought the phone only for the Physical keyboard, I disabled all the shortcuts and quick buttons.. I just wanted a standard keyboard with no extra keyboard features ..just keyboard..

    I disabled all the blackberry security software as well all the bundle BB as well all the built in default google apps..

    just out right bought it (CAD) and the price for just to use it as a 2-way authenticator device (I blame steam for requiring one) this is the perfect device for price

  8. I G

    The capacitive keyboard is not necessarily high on everybody's list. A good Classic-like keyboard is fine. Probably priced a little too high to make it really attractive though.

  9. Dave H

    Would still have a BB if they hadn’t gone android. Loved my curve, bold and even z10. Then I was in limbo. Android apps wanted permission to do anything they want. Then Apple did something different. They released 5c. That got me in. I know why bb went android (apps) but they were wrong. I love their keyboard, still use my 9900. (2nd phone). But android isn’t bb.

  10. iiRoYaLTy

    I bought the blackberry key2 and it was currupted and I got a refund now I'm considering the le to be my second phone even though the price is a bit high for the specs I want dtek and a physical keyboard

  11. Star Struck

    I would rather buy a Priv for 200 $ , lol, even in 2018. Since Priv, I haven't liked any of the BB Android mobiles, mostly design wise, barring Motion, but that is an all touch one.

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