BlackBerry KEY2 LE hands-on review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the BlackBerry KEY2 LE’s top features at a glance!

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26 Replies to “BlackBerry KEY2 LE hands-on review”

  1. san tay

    So if it's plastic construction, is it the same as all other phones now esp. iphone, that break if you drop them? I used to love my bb because you could drop it from anywhere, and you didn't need a case, it would never break with the steel frame.

  2. John Chilver

    I’ve had the Priv since it’s launch it has 18mp rear camera the only slide keyboard phone on the market. 3yrs and no problems. Think about it I control a 5.4inch screen and use a keyboard at the same time, it’s a brilliant device to carry around plus all the usual phone benefits and apps. Dropping Power in the battery is the biggest problem, otherwise nothing about these new phones would tempt me. Just time for an updated model with fingerprint/face recognition and better battery. Come on Blacberry the Priv owners need support and a new model would beat all the others and be a global success.

  3. D Paul

    After spending decades on touchscreens I decided to move back. Nothing like a keyboard. Its a phone for me first. So I like this phone. If only the battery was a wee bit more…

  4. Sai Mahidhar

    Very nice phone… But too costly for a snapdragon 636.In India xiaomi sells phones with snapdragon 660 for half the price of blackberry key2 le.
    Good phone but not worth the price tag

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