BlackBerry Key2 LE Hands-on: Shaving Off the Extras

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We go hands-on with the new BlackBerry Key2 LE! Do we need a cheap Key2?

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41 Replies to “BlackBerry Key2 LE Hands-on: Shaving Off the Extras”

  1. David Imel

    Hello! Just a quick correction, there is micro SD expansion – i recorded this at 3am. Also! Sorry about the focus pulling. I recorded this at 3am.

    What do you want to know about this thing? Hit me!

  2. Travis Bickle

    If a device like this doesn't "make sense" to somebody, it's definitely not the device fault. People who don't see value in the BlackBerry physical keyboards do not do important things on their phones to know how much value a physical keyboard provides.

    I'm running a practical joke project where I'm going to go around an office when nobody's there to remove all the keyboards from their laptops. The hidden cameras will record the resulting calamity.

    Trying to explain the benefits of something to people who are not productive and do nothing but play with their phones, is the same as taking your face and running it into a brick wall. I'd rather just leave them alone and keep using BlackBerry keyboard devices.


  3. Brett Braswell

    Don't you feel like everyone over reacted a bit about the price point of the key2 being $650.00. People complained about the price for processor but when those flagship processor phones came out they were $1,000.00. With that figure it would actually set the key2 as a better value of performance per dollar. Alas, in stead of BlackBerry holding ground on what was in fact appropriate features, specs, and retail they devised the LE model which aslo has adequate specs for function and an excellent purchase for performance per dollar.

    A physical keyboard was always the optimal way to conduct business and text based communication and it still holds true for me. Typing on glass will never be as good as an actual kayboard. Younger generations may not be aware of what they are missing. In theory I believe it's because they are groomed that the primary function of these devices is to consume ads and media and not actually get real business done. Truth is the higher specs in these high dollar devices do not aid the user in what they are doing as much as it aids the devices ability to run background services for an endless library of redundant apps crafted to simply feed you steady ads for trade off of "free" media and platforms. Now that majority of all smartphones are the same, bezel to bezel commercial and ad machine, it's perfect time for BlackBerry to spec out some devices to remind us professionals that what we need is fluid centralized communications and productivity and not a price inflated teens toy. Sensibility and options can return to the market again and I hope they keep these projects going.

  4. Aditya Sundar

    The real BB user wants a Passport 2 and not another Key2 and this like the original Key2 is way overpriced. BB Keeps making the same mistakes again and again, they never listen to customers and are 5 years behind the game. I hate to say it by BB deserves to die because they fail to listen to their core customer base.
    The worst thing RIM did is to dump BB OS. It was such a wonderful operating system which gets things done.

  5. Savage

    Can't buy the red colour anywhere here in the UK… would have bought this phone right away if I could get that one. It's almost like blackberry wants to fail and don't want anyone's money…

  6. Meepbob

    So I bought this phone a week ago and so far I don't have any complaints, other than that this model doesn't have the keyboard scrolling feature. I feel kind of silly reaching up to the screen to scroll when I could have been using my keyboard.

  7. ronald varilla

    if made with sd450, 4gb, 32 gb BUT kept the keyboard scrolling feature at $300-350 i wouldn't mind. Removng that keyboard feature defeats or reduces the purpose of productivity.

  8. Alex Soto Jr

    I understand they need to make money to eventually put out more premium products. But people were paying $500 for a bold 9900 without a track pad keyboard so…I think it's good pricing

  9. NYTOC

    BB should seriously re-release the PPSE because that phone is what iphone x is today. I paid close to $700 for the Silver Edition, looking back I feel that device should have been priced higher in the same line with the Porsche 9983. The quality was there, two wonderfully hand-crafted speakers that were drilled into the metal frame. If only BlackBerry was BlackBerry and not BBM by TCL. The prices would be on par with the type of phone we'd be willing to buy.

  10. stephen chow

    Getting the phone charge (either by wall plug or mobile battery bank) is easy nowaday. Just don't understand why BB not using 835/845 but a lower 6xx processor (for longer battery life) in Key2 . For me, performance and music codec are vital. Although i love the physical keyboard, just don't think both Key2/ Key2Le worth the money…

  11. TOSMOOTH Jazzy

    great review but everyone seems to forget to mention that if you TAP the SYM key you get a quick access to the virtual keyboard I use them both . Use it or not it is an option and people are surprised when they know its possible

  12. romello5kuggz

    the original Key2 should have been set at $399 to begin with. heaven forbid they installed a snapdragon 845 , 400mAh battery, or an amoled screen on a $700 device. then they held focus groups to figure out why no one’s buying their phone?

  13. Jonathan Hayes

    I am a literal budget phone user. I wish that Blackberry would come out with a budget smartphone for those of us that don't want to sign a contract. This phone reminds me of a lot of the phones that MetroPCS and Cricket are releasing, but with a better chipset and of course the physical keyboard. I would camp outside the store on release date to buy a smartphone with a physical keyboard from one of the prepaid carriers in the US. I miss the nostalgia of Blackberry, but I have bills to pay and never have more than $150 – $200 to pay for a phone. If Apple could do it with the iPhone SE, BlackBerry can do it too. This phone would SLAY at MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, and Cricket.

  14. Just Go North!

    AWFUL! Seriously Blackberry? People want a great camera, speed and long battery life in a phone. I understand it's a "business" model but they could have done a better job. For example, a 6GB RAM, 4,000 mAH battery, and 12MP front camera. Yes, I would def. buying this phone with this spec for about $500 dollars.

  15. dion smith

    I'm one of rare ones who prefer a physical keyboard and love blackberry… But they're messing it up with these 600+ price points for a 3yr old spec sheet… I'd like to have one but that the product doesn't justify the price

  16. MrSulitariu

    well it looks like TCL (and its licenced branch « BlackBerry Mobile ») doesn’t still know how to properly create and market a phone right (just like the real brand BlackBerry by the way…). 399 is the price we would be expecting for the Key2. So this « Low Edition » should not cost more than 250 or 300€ at most! Guys at TCL, please wake up! We are not so many who want to stick on a pkb, so make it at least a bit affordable. There is no such thing as « professional phone » anymore. All smartphones can do the job. For lesser money, îll just grab a preowned KeyOne…

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