BlackBerry Key2 LE Review: Cheaper, But At What Cost?

The BlackBerry Key2 “Light Edition” is a more affordable version of the flagship Key2 released earlier this year. While it still includes the same display size/resolution, QWERTY keyboard, and build quality, it has noticeably worse battery life and camera performance. For $429, do you think the Key2 LE is worth it, or would you rather shell out an extra $200 for the standard Key2?

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25 Replies to “BlackBerry Key2 LE Review: Cheaper, But At What Cost?”

  1. Nether Warrior

    Key2 doesnt support cdma, one of the LE models does, so if you are on verizon you should just go for a key2 le cause the key2 wont work.
    *remember to get the att+tmobile+verizon model if you are gonna get it for verizon, it is also the model designation that ends in 005

  2. Eric D.

    Not for kids and adult-kids… BB are made for serious people who like a real keyboard and top security. It's a no brainer for me. I don't trust the internet at all ! I'm currently using my "old" BB Priv. It's still okay for now. I'm waiting a few months more before changing.

  3. tom jens

    physical keybords phones always cost more than no kreyboard, so it is actually less of a pill to pay 650 for physical than if the same phone (specs wise etc) were without a keyboard

  4. ronald varilla

    More reasonable price to spec ration = more buyers = more users = more exposure = more free advertisement = more public interest (Hopefully) = more buyers (again) = more money for you TCL. Will wait to see for the key 3 le is better.

  5. Sam Song

    In Canada, you could get this phone for $360 CAD through a carrier promotion whereas a Key2 would cost $800CAD new. Do you think you would consider the Key2 LE at less than half the price of a Key2?

  6. the_boon

    Reviewers keep saying "unless you NEED a physical keyboard don't buy this phone" but fail to realize that most owners of the BB KEY phones don't necessarily NEED the keyboard, but they just WANT it because guess what: It's effin' satisfying to push buttons as opposed to tapping on a piece of glass, no matter how high end said piece of glass is.

  7. NaplesKahuna

    BlackBerry: a smartphone made for business professionals. Those who run businesses from their phones. Top of the line security on a smartphone EVER!

    iPhone: Adults who won't grow up. Likes posing as dogs in Snapchat filters. Kids who like to play games and immature adults love the iPhone.

    I owned BlackBerrys for many years. However, the recent mismanagement, handling and absolutely no knowledge of productive advertising of this company on top of whining old school users who just can't move on from the keyboard has made this brand dwindle to almost a non existence.
    I have moved on to the Google Pixel XL 2 and by far this is the best phone I have ever owned.
    Would I ever buy another BlackBerry? Sure, as long as they ditch the keyboard and if not match the specs of the Google Pixel XL, exceed the specs of the Google Pixel XL, make it available on Verizon USA instead of only Canada and India carriers.
    Until then, BlackBerry will always be a thing of the past!

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